1 metre, 4 projects

Sew your own drawstring bag
Minerva Crafts sent me 1 metre of this cotton canvas and I did intend to make a knitter's project bag, similar to the one I made in the summer. What I didn't realise was the size of the matching set that I could get out of that amount of fabric! What made me particularly happy was that everything else I needed to make these projects was already in my stash so it was only the 1 metre of fabric that was new. If you want more details of the fabric and links to some of the tutorials I followed, head over to Minerva's blog here.

Sew your own drawstring bag

Item 1: The drawstring bag.

I improved on my original version with an extra front pocket for this version (and very impressed that I managed pattern matching for this as well!).
This was the main item I was making so I did have the pick of the whole metre to get that pattern match in, and I didn't skimp on size - this one is big enough for sweater projects.
If you want to make your own drawstring project bag, there's a link to the tutorial here.

Sew your own knitter's project bag

Item 2: the needle case.

When I saw how much I had left over, I decided to have a go at making a matching needle case as well. It's essentially a bunch of rectangles and can be tailored to fit the width of fabric remaining so it was easy to find the fabric in what I had left from the bag.

sew a needle case

Item 3: the notions pouch

Small, but handy. Ideally, I actually need a few more of these (I have a feeling that I'm going to end up with one in each project bag!). 

sew a notions pouch

Item 4: zipper pouch

After all these projects, there was still a fair amount left over, so I decided to make a smaller project bag for knitting socks. I followed the tutorial on Melly Sews and tailored mine to the measurements I needed (I print off my knitting patterns on to A4 paper and fold them in half - that's the size of this pouch). Again, I can see more of these being made as having the zipper closure is handy.

sew a zipper pouch

I've already put aside a collection of fabrics for outers and linings to make more zipper and notions pouches.

Needless to say, I'm pretty pleased with what I got out of my 1 metre, partly because I didn't need to buy extra materials to make all these and I'm getting a lot of use out of them!

What projects do you like to make with small amounts of fabric?


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