Beginner's baby quilt

Beginner's baby quilt

A slight deviation from my usual dressmaking focused sewing this week! Our boy heavy family has been eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new baby girl, and as a gift from her loving auntie, I decided to attempt to make her a quilt. I have never made a quilt before, so used all my Internet research skills to figure out how to put my sewing skills to a new use. (It didn't turn out too bad at all!)

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An Interview on Vintage Dressmaking with The Crafty Pinup

As it's Vintage month on the #wardrobebuilder project, I could think of no more appropriate interview on vintage dressmaking than one with Abi aka The Crafty Pinup. She is Simplicity's Vintage Ambassador and the designer behind 'My Retro Closet'. I particularly love her You Tube channel, and when I asked who your favourite sewing bloggers and vloggers were, a lot of you were fans too. To help us out with our #wardrobebuilder makes this month, she took the time to tell us a bit about her thoughts on 'sewing vintage'....

Vintage Dressmaking with The Crafty Pinup
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Amelie Tuck Blouse by Til The Sun Goes Down

Amelie Tuck Blouse by Til The Sun Goes Down

Til The Sun Goes Down have a huge range of vintage fabrics and patterns in their online store, and they are offering this pairing to one lucky winner. Some are original pieces and others are vintage inspired modern productions....they are all fabulous! Seeing as October is Vintage month on the #wardrobebuilder project, they kindly let me find out what their patterns and fabrics were like for myself with the Amelie Tuck Blouse. This was the perfect project for my #wardrobebuilder garment. It's easy to head straight for a dress when thinking of vintage, but this blouse can work with so many other pieces and has a very feminine style because of its 1930's inspiration.

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the #wardrobeuilder project - Vintage plus pattern and fabric kit giveaway

There is a definite trend and appreciation within the sewing community for vintage styles. Not everybody is into sewing vintage, but I do think there is a wide spectrum of involvement that you can engage with to incorporate this into your wardrobe. Whether this is creating clothes using vintage patterns and fabrics or taking inspiration from previous eras into design choices, this can definitely be a part of a handmade wardrobe. So, this month I'll be looking at vintage inspired patterns a well as originals. Anything goes in the link up so add anything that you think counts as vintage! This month's giveaway is from 'Til The Sun Goes Down' and features a beautiful pattern and fabric bundle to get your vintage sewing fix going.

the #wardrobebuilder project October - Vintage; Til The Sun Goes Down pattern and fabric kit giveaway

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