Sew Over It Estelle Dress with Boatneck alteration

Sew Over It Estelle Dress with Boatneck alteration

What a great party/evening dress pattern. This has a lot of positives - stretch fabric makes for easy fitting and an on trend interesting knot detail that is flattering as well as much easier to construct than it looks! I adapted my version to incorporate a boatneck instead of the rounder, lower neckline and shortened it to a cocktail length. This would be perfect in a sparkly fabric or velvet for parties.

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Sew Over It Work to Weekend Camille Trousers: refashion

Sew Over It Camille Trousers

It was years ago that I made the Camille jumpsuit from the Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe Work to Weekend ebook. I posted about this in 2019 but had made it pretty much as soon as the book came out in 2018. I have never worn it though. This amount of navy crepe is too much all in one go on me at 5ft, the waist is too tight and I don't like how the bodice feels to wear - which is mainly down to my preference rather than the pattern. So, with my current aim of refashioning for better wear, I decided to sacrifice the top for a wearable pair of trousers.
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Vintage Fairy Lights Socks

When I bought the yarn for my Madewell cardigan, I slipped in a skein of Gingerbread Martini, just because it was pretty. It is a limited edition yarn, and sometimes makes an appearance at Christmastime in Birdstreet Yarns. I love the yarn, the colour, and these socks! I have made a pair of Vintage Fairy Lights socks before, but gifted them before taking photos. They have a nice combination of interesting pattern, and easy to remember/knit repetition....I have a feeling this won't be my last pair as they fit so well.

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Joji Locatelli Madewell cardigan

Really feeling the autumnal vibes! Like I said in my last post, I love a bit of layering and a hand knit cardigan was conspicuous in its absence, considering how much I love to knit! I had recently succumbed to a scant sweater quantity of yarn that was just right for autumn/winter wear, and eventually found the Madewell cardigan as my pattern - something with few details and built more for comfort than intricate details, and crucially, in 4ply/fingering weight!

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True Bias Rio T-Shirt dress

In the autumn and winter I live in layers and love a t-shirt dress over tights. One of my regular 'on repeat' makes is my Sew Over It Molly dress, (after I altered the sleeves), so having something similar to mix it up a bit would be nice. I thought the Rio Ringer pattern from True Bias might be a good bet, and would be interested in making more in the dress and t-shirt top version as well. It was and the fabric choice was a great match for having that comfy, cosy it was only a very little over a metre which is a win in my book!

True Bias Rio Ringer t-shirt dress

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Sew House Seven Toaster Sweater(s)

Sew House Seven Toaster sweater version 2 review

The Toaster sweater was incredibly popular a few years ago and it's always been on my radar for a long time, but I never ended up going for it until now, sneaking it in to my Lamazi Fabrics shopping basket along with these fabrics. There are two versions in the pattern; one with a turtleneck and the other more similar to a funnel neck. I had hoped to make one of each but ended up making version 2 both times because I didn't have enough of the fabric I intended for version 1, and really wanted the stripy fabric for version 2. A few small pattern adaptations later and I've got two brilliant sweaters for winter.

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