6 blogging fundamentals you can't ignore in your first year

6 blogging fundamentals you can't ignore in your first year

It's the blog's half-birthday so here's a list of 6! I started this blog with no idea about blogs, blogging or social media in general really. Since then I have devoured advice, scoured the web for inspiration and tried out as much as I could understand....and in 6 months have gone from no page views to thousands. These are the 6 things that I have found are most useful and have the most impact...I'm not saying I did them all but I certainly would now if I started again!

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Oven cooked tomato and pancetta risotto

oven cooked tomato and pancetta risotto

Yes I know - a risotto can't be baked to be authentic. This is a cheat's version. A traditional risotto requires devotion - you need to stand in front of the stove, ladling in stock and continually stirring until the rice is cooked and all the stock is incorporated. Some days this is a welcome spend of 20-25 minutes but on other days I really don't have time. So here is an oven cooked version of a risotto; all it needs is starting off then left until ready. I know that it isn't a traditional risotto as it has been in the oven instead, but it is pretty close in taste and texture, and is more helpful to the cook on busy days.

This recipe serves two.

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Special Wedding Guest Outfit using Colette Pattern's Macaron

Sewing your own dress for a wedding; wedding guest outfit using Macaron pattern with a sleeveless sheer yoke.

The real deal this time.... a proper outfit for an occasion that lots of people were going to. This was the first time I was creating something specifically for an occasion, and specifically for something I would normally invest a good deal of shopping time and money into. This time I would be trying handmade, bringing together some of my favourite elements from dresses I like into one special outfit.

I had bought the Macaron pattern especially for this family wedding after being inspired by Dixie DIY's version for her very own wedding. I like the idea of using a sheer yoke and more luxurious fabrics. I had made one dress already to test out construction and fit, so this second Macaron was good to go. For this dress however I made some alterations that I did not apply to my first garment… which made things a lot more difficult than I had bargained for.

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Blog showcase: Suitcase and Sandals

One of my new year's blogging resolutions is to share the love a little bit and showcase some of the best blogs I have come across this month. I got in touch with Hannah via a Twitter chat and took a peek around her blog Suitcase and Sandals, and soon loved the varied content. (She was also the very first person to leave me comment, so I will love her forever anyway). Suitcase and Sandals is a true lifestyle blog, covering practically every topic under the sun, depending on what has happened lately in Hannah's life. Posts include reviews of books, films and beauty products, thoughtful ideas and ways to feel just a little bit more awesome. One of the things I love about this blog is that you never know what will pop up, but it is always something interesting, and I know it will be something that is relateable.

Blogtober Positivity #3

So, let's go ahead and meet Hannah, who was kind enough to think about and answer the questions I posed...

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5 Healthy habits that are easy to live with and still help with weight loss!

Healthy habits that are easy to live with and still help with weight loss!

January usually sees lots of us making resolutions to get fitter, leaner and healthier...particularly if we have indulged over Christmas. At first we can commit to a number of ways of doing this...diets, gym memberships or exercise plans... which is great but if they are to hard to live with then they aren't going to last. Here are some small changes that everyone can make to their lifestyle, which are easy to stick to and will leave you feeling much healthier in the long run. Most won't cost you any more either!

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