How to make life work for you with Just One Thing

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Just One Thing can be a game changer if you are feeling overwhelmed and like you have too much to sort through. Sometimes we just have so many things going on it can be hard to keep on top of everything. Or we end up trying to do everything and end up tired, stressed out and unsatisfied. I used to get really frustrated at not feeling like I was doing anything well, or feeling like I wasn't up to it because I couldn't do it all. My husband was the one who gave me the best advice, and it turned my whole approach around.


As soon as I started doing this I began to have a much healthier outlook on life, and am more able to deal with unexpected situations as they arise. There are still things that need to be done but I feel more in control of them now. Here's how to make the most of it and why it helps you to be happier.

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Beginner dressmaking - learn to sew knit fabrics online workshop

Beginner dressmaking - learn to sew knit fabrics online workshop

My dressmaking skills fall firmly within the 'enthusiastic beginner' category, and I have been wanting to learn to sew with knit fabrics for a while, but have been a little apprehensive. Luckily one of my favourite sewing bloggers Tilly Walnes has created an online class precisely for beginner dressmakers who want to use jersey fabrics on a regular sewing machine. Included in the package is a pdf pattern along with a series of how to videos and helpsheets....basically the most hand holding you can possibly have from home! So I signed up, collected my materials, and started my adventures in knit fabrics. 
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Crispy Gnocchi with Homemade Basil Pesto Sauce Recipe

This recipe came about because I had an enormous bunch of basil that I needed to use, and we were both ravenous from having done our 5k park run in the morning. Sometimes you just need really filling food and you don’t want to have to wait hours for it. So I took some inspiration from my Italian roots, along with a tip I picked up from Nigella to create this. She once fried gnocchi as an alternative to roast potatoes, and since then I have never boiled them again as I find them too stodgy and claggy otherwise. If you think you don't like gnocchi try it like this and you will change your mind.

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Chicken Caesar Salad - light version

A healthier version of a classic. 
Although Chicken Caesar Salad is delicious it can be high in calories and fat. This is a lighter version to enjoy when you are watching calorie and fat intakes, and it definitely fills you up. I use French's ranch dressing as it has a lower calorie and fat content than other 'diet' dressings  that were on the shelves - even Light Mayonnaise (per 100g)! As it has a strong flavour a little goes a long way. Also drizzling this over the salad means you use less than when you dress the chicken on its own. I use pitta instead of croutons as it is lower in fat and do still have parmesan, but only a small grating over the top rather than lots of shavings. Instead of pancetta some crisped up parma ham provides a salty depth with far fewer calories and fat; lean bacon or turkey rashers would also work well.

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Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Today is a day full of ends and beginnings - the end of summer and of my honeymoon break. The start of autumn and a new phase at work too. It would be very easy to be quite sad about the end of such a wonderful summer but I like to look on the positive side of life so here are the 5 things I am looking forward to about Autumn.

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