Lasagne like the Italians make

Authentic Italian Lasagne Recipe

I see traditional beef lasagne on lots of menus and in supermarkets, and I know it's popular but here's the thing.... The lasagne you know is not the lasagne I know. I come from a large Italian community and though everybody has their own special twist there is one thing they all have in common... no white sauce on top. Maybe it's because most of our families are from the South of Italy and this makes a difference? In any case I've tried both and this is by far the best home cooked version I've ever had. It is definitely has a depth of flavour that is always a winner. So of you want learn how to make lasagne like the Italians really do then have a go at this!
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1940s Tea Dress

Sew Over It 1940s Afternoon Tea Dress pattern review

I love this pattern

This is another  vintage inspired pattern from Sew Over It. It’s a knee length dress with delicately gathered at the sleeves and bust areas. The waist is defined and, when put together with the V shaped neck and gently flared skirt, gives a feminine and flattering silhouette. It’s also fairly straightforward to put together! This is the first of many I feel.....
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Getting married abroad

Getting married abroad

Having recently come back from a fabulous wedding abroad, and having had one myself, I thought some lessons learned might be helpful for anyone else out there thinking of jetting away for their nuptials. Destination weddings lend a perfect opportunity to surprise your guests with something a bit different, in a place you truly love. We found it helpful in creating an intimate, low fuss wedding and we knew we would be (pretty much) guaranteed fabulous weather. Did we know anything about getting married abroad? No. Was there any more 'wedmin' than a traditional wedding? Probably not…there are just different things to consider…….. Read on for all you need to know to begin to plan your destination wedding.

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Fashion with Fabric Kimono Jacket

From the moment I opened Fashion with Fabric I wanted to make this. It looked beautiful and I didn't have a kimono jacket in my wardrobe yet, but had seen lots of beautiful ones worn by friends (so obviously I had to get one too). In the book it was described as something that would be suitable for beginners, and was based on a 'three hour slouchy cardigan' looked entirely doable for me. As it turns out it was doable, but not in a short space of time (because of my inexperience with the fabric really).

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