Iconic Girl's Day Out in London: Audrey, Jo and the Ritz

A combination of iconic landmarks and timeless elegance created a perfect menu for our girl's day in London. It isn't often that I get to meet up with my capital dwelling cousin so when we heard about the Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery we used this as the main event in a day of quality time. We balanced more luxurious treats with what is freely available, and felt thoroughly chic and fabulous all day. The Petite Passions is all about the little things in life that we love and that make the everyday a bit special - and that is exactly what this combination is all about too.

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Essential guides for beginner bloggers

Tips for and how to start a blog

One of the best things about blogging is that anyone can create something amazing with relatively little in the way of experience or cash investment. All you need is an idea, some time and some help to set it up. Luckily the internet is jam packed with people who offer help in every realm imaginable, and bloggers who love to blog about blogging... so there is a lot out there to get you started. As a complete newbie to the blogosphere I needed how to guides that were really easy to follow, and could be used with little previous experience. It wasn't until I started looking for help that I realised how many ways I needed it, and how this advice can be used to create almost anything. Some articles and blogs have been more helpful than others so if you are thinking about starting your own blog you should definitely check these out. All of these sites are full of inspiring ideas that you will want to try out.

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Spanish Style Sausage Goulash

Low calorie, low carb and big on flavour, this sausage dish can be served on its own or with a light salad to make a filling dinner. This recipe serves two and comes in at around 500 calories per portion. If you want something more luxurious you can try the fully loaded version at the bottom. We love to have this when it's cold out, or when we are counting the calories but want something that feels indulgent.

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Turbo charge your weekends in 30 minutes

Turbo charge your weekends in minutes

If you feel like you could be getting more out of your weekends (or life in general!) then this could be for you. Setting aside a 30 minute slot on a Saturday morning has transformed my whole weekend, and is now starting to have a positive effect on the rest of my week too. I feel better both physically and mentally all because of the 30 minutes I set aside every Saturday morning. All around the country runners (and people like me) meet in our local parks for a free, timed 5k Park Run. This really is one of the best organisations I have encountered this year. Here's how something so simple can really make a positive difference to your life.

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