Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress for #sewmystyle2018

Chalk and Notch Fringe Dress Pattern review for #sewmystyle2018

I'm leading this month's sewmystyle2018 pattern, the Fringe Dress and Blouse from Chalk and Notch. I jumped forward back at the start of the year for this pattern because I completely fell in love with the relaxed yet feminine lines and wanted to make all the versions!!!!! You can choose frm a blouse or dress, with two different bodice and sleeve options. I made this rayon version at the start of the summer and have loved wearing it throughout the season as it's so comfortable......and has pockets ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Craftsy class review: My First Toe-Up Socks with Susan B. Anderson

Craftsy class review: My First Toe-Up Socks with Susan B. Anderson

After embarking on my first knitting project using a We Are Knitters kit, and falling down the rabbit hole of knitting podcasts, I decided that the next thing that I really wanted to knit was a pair of socks. I know they aren't beginner level, but everyone I watched seem to enjoy making them. Given that these are project number 2 in my knitting journey, I looked into using an online class to hold my hand. I found them very useful whilst learning to sew (there's a load of reviews under the Learn to Sew tab if you're interested) and I'm so glad I used one for these socks. They do have mistakes but they turned out better than I was expecting for my first try! If you too are new to sock knitting, have a read to find out why this is a great way to get started.
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Ideas for sewing the Chalk and Notch Fringe dress for #sewmystyle2018

I really have been waiting since the #sewmystyle2018 schedule was launched for this! I love how elegant and easy to wear this pattern looks. There are multiple variations already included in the pattern which gives a lot of design options to play with:

Ideas for sewing the Chalk and Notch Fringe dress for #sewmystyle2018

The Fringe pattern is a woven dress and blouse with two views. View A has a button up front, elbow sleeve and sleeve tab. View B has a pull over, notched front with a cuff. Both views include a blouse length, optional dress pockets, optional front or back waist tie and a shaped hem, gathered skirt. The sleeve/cuffs are interchangeable for both views.

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