Upcycling for home furnishings: recovering an ottoman

recovering an ottoman

Lately dressmaking has taken a back seat and I've been putting my machine to use for home furnishings. Mostly these projects came about whilst looking for specific items and uttering those words that many of you are probably familiar with...."I'm sure I can make that". In this case, it was sort of an experiment that I wouldn't be too upset about going wrong. I have to say the stitching skills required were minimal, but I did have to use a bit of my knowledge of working with fabric and cutting to get to a finished point.
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Kaare hat - free pattern

This is the first hat I knit...I knit it years ago and never blogged it, which is awful because it is a great FREE pattern that is brilliant for beginners and enjoyable for more experienced knitters who want a quick and satisfying project.

Kaare hat free knitting pattern for beginners

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Sew Liberated Matcha top with modified long sleeves

Sew Liberated Matcha top with modified long sleeves

I've had this top on my make list for years....perhaps all the way back from the #wardrobebuilderproject! The paper pattern has been cut and ready for use with a number of fabrics that would work well, I've just never got round to it. So there it was, languishing in the pattern stash when I came across a lovely geometric polyester from Minerva and it felt like the right time to go for it. It was a gamble as I've always thought that cotton or rayon would be best, but it's worked out great. I've surprised myself with this pattern because I've always thought of it as a summer top, but in a lightweight fabric, could even find its way to New Years Eve!

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