Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe: Work to Weekend eBook - Camille Jumpsuit

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe: Work to Weekend eBook - Camille Jumpsuit

Some of you know the ending to this one already if you read my previous post all about least worn makes, but I felt that this project still deserved a bit of its own time. I made it ages ago but could never get to blogging about it because I haven't worn it out yet! This pattern is one of the 5 core garments in the Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe: Work to Weekend eBook and comes with three variations of its own, including a trousers only option. It has a wrap style bodice and does up at the back with a zip. It really sums up the whole work/weekend vibe in the book with the different options and I took the plunge with the tailored sleeve for a work look (the other option being a floaty 'weekend' sleeve). I say take the plunge because the whole jumpsuit thing has really passed me by. It's not something that I lean towards - I think they look great on other people, but I think I'm a little put off by my short stature. However, Lisa looked so glamorous in her versions that I thought I'd give it a go anyway.


I used a stretch suiting from John Lewis for this jumpsuit. I think it was about £9 a metre at the time and I bought 3.5m, as recommended for the size I was making. As often happens, I had some left over. Enough to squeeze out a Tilly and the Buttons Francoise Dress. Just - really just!

Tilly and the Buttons Francoise dress with collar and cuffs

As it happens, I'd say that the fabric is much better suited to the Francoise dress than to the Camille jumpsuit. It doesn't have enough drape for the jumpsuit and this makes it look heavier than it is. This is the main reason that I haven't worn the Camille - it just feels too stiff and heavy at the top. The suiting would be perfect for the trousers, and I have contemplated just taking off the bodice and keeping the bottoms on their own. In future, if I return to this pattern I wouldn't be put off by a suiting fabric, but would certainly go for a lighter weight one with more drape. A crepe would also work better.

Pattern and Instructions

I bought this eBook partly because I found the last one to be a real treasure trove of patterns that I can wear a lot. Seriously a lot - I live in my Mia jeans! I really love the look of the patterns in this newer collection, as well as they key idea behind the book, but somehow I'm not having a lot of luck with them. My Kate dress needed a lot of work, and doesn't really fit into my style and this jumpsuit has never been worn! It's all my own error in fabric choice, but now I have to go back and do something about that may even end up with the bodice of an entirely different pattern, depending on the fabric I use for it.

The patterns that come with the eBook are all pdfs and I long ago stopped printing them myself and pay for Dotty Print or Netprinter to send me them instead! I find if you have quite a few to do at once it's not too expensive as you only pay for one set of postage. I had managed to save on the £25 cost of the eBook so didn't mind the copy shop luxury! The instructions for this collection are also separate downloads, so you can easily find and keep track of your place instead of scrolling through one large document each time you come back to it. They have colour photographs along the way which helps enormously. I always find Sew Over It patterns to be quite clear and easy to follow, even as someone fairly new to dressmaking, so that's a bonus with buying the whole eBook. I wouldn't say that the pattern itself is complicated in this case, but getting a good fit does take a little longer because it is a jumpsuit. (They give advice on this as well though).

Funnily enough, I was pretty pleased with the fit! I had to shorten trousers by quite a bit, and move crossover further along for modesty (it is meant for work after all). I didn't have to take in the waist for a change (if anything, it's a smidge too tight) and took a precautionary step of using a 1cm seam allowance on the sleeves (my biceps run wide and I didn't want to feel constricted). This turned out to be a good move so it stayed. I usually sit in the measurements for a size 10 from Sew Over It, FYI.

If and when I have a play with the bodice, and end up with something I do like, I'll post it back here and let you all know. It's unlikely to be soon....I'm not one for getting on with alterations. I like fresh new projects. On the other hand, projects languishing in the wardrobe also makes me sad so maybe, just maybe, it won't be too long or be too difficult. I'd still recommend this pattern to anyone thinking of making it - just don't use the same fabric I did!!!


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