Poet sweater

Poet sweater knitting pattern review

From the moment I saw the Poet sweater in Laine magazine's Instagram feed, I wanted desperately to make it. I loved the delicate lace pattern repeated over the front and back and thought it would be perfect for winter time when you still want to be warm but need to look a little elegant! This is one of the most intensive projects I've taken on so far and took a lot of concentration, but is totally worth it.


I didn't buy yarn all in one go for this. I had bought a selection of skeins from Qing fibre, with the intention of putting them together in a fade of some kind. As I looked at the Okinami colour, with its rich deep teal blue, I decided to go ahead and get enough skeins to make the whole Poet sweater. The Okinami colour that I had came in a number of different batches, all slightly different. As it was I had two different batches as single skeins, as part of different orders. I ordered the same batch as indicated on one of the ball bands, as two skeins so it would match precisely. However, when the two skeins arrived, they were definitely different.

Poet sweater knitting pattern review

I got in contact with the store, as I really wanted to match up but didn't want to buy a lot of yarn for it not to work (£20 a skein). As it turned out there had been some potential mixing up of ball bands, but they were able to advise me which was the best colour match from my photographs and I was able to use the two original skeins I had in my stash. This does mean that I still have two skeins of the different batch to put into a project so I'll have to think on what to do with that (sure it won't be a problem - I love this colour!)
I have about 25g left over in total from the three skeins and I did have to go up two sizes for needles (but that isn't surprising).

Pattern and Instructions

So, I did really love this when I saw Laine magazine Issue 6 being advertised, but I didn't love it enough to buy a whole magazine (£20). I wasn't overly keen on the rest of the patterns, so I was thrilled when it became available on Ravelry as a single purchase. I know it is more economical to buy the magazine on a per pattern basis, as the single pattern is around £9, but I really did only want the one pattern.

So my version is a pdf download, which gives you the instructions and once you have figured out your size, you can download a pattern chart for that as well. The instructions were briefer than I am used to and I did have to look up a few things but it was fine. You get charted and written instructions for the lace section which are also easy enough to follow. That said I did get a bit confused at one point, all to do with where the repeat starts and how the written instructions are set out. I also didn't realise that when reading the chart and working flat, to read it in the other direction. I had to rip back and start over, but it was better for it in the long run.

Poet sweater knitting pattern review

Knitting a whole front and back in a lace pattern, following a chart row by row, is certainly a time investment. You can memorise each section but this knit does require concentration. It took me over 2 months to knit the bodice, working on it quite a bit. The sleeves and ribbing work up really fast and are a pleasant relief after all that lace work. I think the pattern is worth the effort though and am really looking forward to wearing it.

Poet sweater knitting pattern review


Points of note - I had to go up two needle sizes to get gauge.
I blocked it to the measurements provided for the size I knit (medium) and it is a little looser than I would have liked. I should have measured my pre-blocking size because I quite liked it like that. I'm wondering if I can block it to a smaller size next time I wash it?

What level of knitter is this for?
I found the starting stages most difficult, and I was also getting used to reading a chart and instructions in this way. However, throughout the lace section, none of the stitches are difficult, just time consuming and requiring attention, so I don't think you have to be super advanced for this (clearly, as I'm definitely not!). Perhaps not for a first sweater, but definitely not something to pass by as a beginner.

I haven't worn it a lot yet, but it does feel lightweight yet warm.

Poet sweater knitting pattern review


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