Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review The Petite Passions

If you are looking for a truly unique eating experience then this really is worth a journey for. Situated in London’s Marylebone area the Landmark Hotel offers an elegant buffet filled with delicious food and unlimited champagne. The experience truly is worth every penny of the £90 per person price tag, and we will definitely be revisiting after our experience last week.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review The brunch is served in the Winter Garden at The Landmark London; a beautiful interior space filled with light and opulent features. Music playing softly in the background by live musicians adds to the genteel ambience and air of luxury. We arrived slightly ahead of the 12.30 opening and were taken immediately to our table and welcomed by the waiting staff.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review

The champagne is described as being in limitless supply to which we were slightly dubious about beforehand (based on experiences elsewhere previously). This really and truly is the case in the Landmark though. Attentive waiters circulate tables and glasses of champagne (and water) are kept constantly topped up throughout the service from 12.30 right up until 3pm. Even as we neared 3pm waiters ensured everyone was topped up before service finished. These small details made it clear that this is not a service where the establishment is scrimping to save pennies. You definitely do get the limitless supply that is described.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review

Having attended an incredible wedding here last year we knew we would be treated to a high quality experience; we didn't realise just how luxurious it would be. Every morsel of food served is of the highest quality - my only regret is that I couldn't physically eat any more as I wanted to keep trying everything! As this is a Sunday brunch both breakfast and lunch items were available; all are irresistible.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review

Pretty much everybody started with a breakfast plate which can include traditional cooked breakfast elements such as bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, tomatoes, black pudding and French toast. Other treats available are fresh cooked omelettes made to order in front of you, and my personal favourites Eggs Benedict and Eggs Royale. I have a reputation in my family for being somewhat fussy when it comes to my Egg Benedict and I can safely say The Landmark London lived up to my expectations. The eggs were perfectly poached and the hollandaise was creamy and generous.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review

After breakfast we moved over the the lavish selection of 'starter' dishes that were available. These ranged from Caesar salads, to dishes such as grilled goat cheese with broccoli, seafood, soup, sushi and so much more. I was particularly impressed with the Gravadlax and beetroot smoked salmon. It was by far the tastiest I have tried.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review

Being a Sunday the star of the show is the roast dinner; it is worth visiting just for this. Roasted meats on offer include rib of beef, lamb, ham and corn fed chicken. You do not have to restrict to just one either, and we all tried at least two different meats in our dinners. All are accompanied by the most delicious jus that complements the meat perfectly. Meat free options are also incredibly tempting including fish and tarts. Not only was the meat meltingly tender and full of flavour, but all the accompaniments were commendable in themselves - especially the roast potatoes and Yorkshire puddings. In my experience these two are particularly difficult for catering establishments to get right (basically as good as Mum's), but they completely exceeded my expectations at here. Crisp, fluffy and perfectly sized. This was the best Sunday roast I have ever paid for.

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review

Then comes the dessert table. This is an amazing display of confection and craft. Classic dishes are presented in generous portions. In addition to the tarts, eclairs, mousses, possets and cupcakes you can indulge in hot bread and butter or sticky toffee pudding (obviously with custard!). Oh, and if that isn't enough for your sweet tooth don't forget the chocolate fountain.

This was also followed by an additional surprise for our table.....

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review

Finally, coffee and petit fours are served to complete the dining experience. by this point we were finding it fairly difficult to even move given the unlimited food and champagne. You may want to consider booking a room for the night - we were sorely tempted! Though £90 can seem steep at first glance, it is very good value for the quantity and quality of what you receive. We will most certainly be returning to The Landmark London for Champagne Sunday Brunch, and definitely recommend a visit. Further details and bookings can be made here

Champagne Sunday Brunch at The Landmark London - Review

If you have also been to this fabulous brunch what did you think? PLease also share if you have any other suggestions for a Sunday!

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