Iconic Girl's Day Out in London: Audrey, Jo and the Ritz

A combination of iconic landmarks and timeless elegance created a perfect menu for our girl's day in London. It isn't often that I get to meet up with my capital dwelling cousin so when we heard about the Audrey Hepburn exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery we used this as the main event in a day of quality time. We balanced more luxurious treats with what is freely available, and felt thoroughly chic and fabulous all day. The Petite Passions is all about the little things in life that we love and that make the everyday a bit special - and that is exactly what this combination is all about too.


A (relatively) quick visit to Liberty's is always on the menu whenever we travel into London. We both enjoy the unusual array of products and departments that is part of the store's charm,. I am in love with the flower, fabric and beauty departments. I managed to source fabric for Christmas gifts, whilst mentally building my own wish list of Diptyque candles, Kiehls skincare and Liberty print scarves.

First course

In my opinion girl days should always feature a discussion on the inclusion of beauty and pampering. I know this isn't for everyone but I really do like being looked after by someone else after a week of work. Given the rest of our day a major session in a spa wasn't really appropriate, but a mini session could definitely be included. Enter Jo Malone and a signature arm and hand massage. If you are tramping around London scheduling one of these is a must. A calm and peaceful island of time with hands and arms being gently massaged with amazing and unusual scents.
I love experimenting with the fragrance combinations that can created through the use of colognes and creams (specially formulated to be able to blend together). I do tend to cling to habits and left to my own devices would happily spend the rest of my life in Peony and Blush Suede but have also added quite a number of other complimentary fragrances to my wish list (whether anyone ever asks me for it is another matter). 

*A brand new flagship store has just opened on Regent Street stocking old favourites - even handier if you are spending a day shopping in London*


Audrey Hepburn exhibition flyer

The exhibition itself is within the National Portrait Gallery, and tells the story of this screen icon's life through the photographs taken of her throughout. It is fascinating to see how her career developed from dancer to Hollywood legend and Unicef ambassador. The images themselves are beautifully shot, and it is incredible how different one person can look depending on who is taking the photograph. The exhibition is a fascinating journey through the decades whether you are interested in fashion, popular culture, photography or Audrey Hepburn herself. The display has now closed in London but is on tour (details here). Obviously the rest of the gallery is free to enjoy too, including some interesting modern paintings of the royal family on display.


Ritz Rivoli Bar Ritz 100

From one icon to another - we have a family tradition of stopping by the Ritz Rivoli Bar for one of their signature cocktails if we are in the city. The Rivoli Bar is dripping in old Hollywood glamour with its golden tones and plush textures. It always feels like stepping back in time, and has a wonderful vintage elegance. The drinks list is an intriguing mix of classics and cocktails inspired by iconic women. The Ritz 100 is a cocktail that everyone should try at least once - a champagne cocktail with added drama as it is served at the table with gold flecks and extra fizz. Be careful as they are quite potent! I also tried the Dazzling Gem, a delicate mix of champagne and floral notes of lavender, blueberry and violet. The bar snacks that are served with these are definitely unrivalled in their presentation and quality - olives, nuts and other salty treats that have an unusual twist and always have to be refilled when we go.

Coffee and petit fours

Well, rather a trip to a well known coffee chain, and of course a day that started with Audrey isn't complete without ....

Tiffany's Bond Street London

Do you have any must visit places in your days out? Which are the freebies and the treats?


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