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Welcome to The Petite Passions; a lifestyle blog devoted to the small things that make life a little bit lovelier everyday… that for a short period can become an all encompassing passion… and my journeys through them.
So my first post. I suppose should be a little bit about yours truly as the rest of my blog will definitely make more sense then.

They say a picture shows a thousand words so here I am in objects.
Food – eating and cooking – are a big part of my life and heritage. Being from an Italian family has given me a wealth of experiences and advice. I love to cook, and enjoy reading new recipe books as much as going out to try a new restaurant.
Beauty – makeup, spa, nails…. Anything that looks pretty in itself or can improve my own appearance from haggard worker to dewy faced darling is worth serious investigation.
Fitness – part of the never ending quest for inner and outer beauty. My iPod shuffle has had a lot of use lately as I have been spending Saturday mornings doing 5k Park Runs. Always interested in new regimes and diets…and general healthy living (minus Friday night prosecco obvs).
Tape measure – though dressmaking is one of my newer interests this also represents how being a pint sized 5’ tall actually makes a big difference to my life in general. Having to always wear heels (ok, not really a compromise), never being able to fit into anything other than a plane seat, and always being the odd one out in photos.
Dressmaking – something I have always wanted to be able to do, and now finally have (some) tome for after completing all my professional qualifications.
Pen and post-its – I live by lists, and have to make notes about everything otherwise I’ll forget! Now Pinterest has come along this is growing into a bit of a pictoral wish list!
Flowers - not only do I adore flowers (roses and hydrangea especially) but these are also from my garden, which I try to make nicer but definitely need more practice in!
 What else?
I love love love reading. I always have been a bookworm but my ereader really does go everywhere with me. I will read everything to do with my latest passion…which may only last a short while but in that time I will end up an expert, voraciously reading anything written ever to do with it. I also love films (and the ever popular Netflix box set)…I think I just love stories and am always impatient to get to the end.
I am a home counties girl, growing up south of London, university in London and living now north of the capital. I have lived and worked around these areas and love the mix of urban living and countryside escape.
Recently married and loving it. Honeymoon pics coming soon.
I suppose that’s quite enough for now!
Posts coming soon:
Beginning dressmaking – comparing different ways of learning how.
Top summer nail colours.
Monthly beauty product review.
Top running tracks.
The 5 best basic recipes that you can turn into anything delicious.


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