My June #wardrobebuilder makes - a trio of vests

June's #wardrobebuilder project; a trio of vests

I was determined to use a free pattern for this month’s #wardrobebuilder project. If you look around you can find a couple of vests and camis available to download. Given that Colette have recently re-released their Sorbetto, I thought I would give this one a try. Whilst looking around on their site I also dipped into a couple of Seamwork patterns. I do subscribe to the magazine so used some of my credits for the Aurora tank and the Gretta vest. I've ended up with three quite different on to find out more about each of them. (Be warned, it's a long post!)
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Visiting New York City for the first time....part 1

Visiting New York City for the first time; essential travel tips for your New York trip

If you are planning your first trip to New York City you need to read this! Although we were able to plan quite a lot ahead, there were things we discovered along the way that would have been helpful to know to start with. In this two part post I'll guide you through what went well and what could've gone better for us so that you can smash your first visit.
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The #wardrobebuilder project - Vests, shorts and playsuits

What was I thinking back in January?! Each of these should have their own month! I think I was of the opinion then that I might not need something from each of these categories, but that at this time of year many of us are planning to make at least one of these for the summer.

the #wardrobebuilder project June

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