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As of next month the #wardrobebuilder project will be featuring every month in Sew Now magazine!

I'll be sharing your makes and tips from each month in a regular column, so don't forget to add them to the monthly link ups! 

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Thread Theory Camas Blouse; knit and woven

Thread Theory Camas Blouse pattern review and altering for woven fabrics

For this month's #wardrobebuilder project I decided to try to make two blouses from one pattern (stash busting featuring strongly in this decision). I came across the Thread Theory Camas Blouse whilst I was doing one of my mammoth searches for a specific type of pattern. What I was looking for was a blouse or top that some kind of yoke detailing but that wasn't a buttoned shirt. I had bought a beautiful flowered chiffon fabric that I thought would make a nice 'going out' top, especially with some contrast features. The Camas blouse ticked most of my key design features, with the added bonus that it could be made out of knit and woven fabrics. At the moment I'm also trying to enhance my casual wardrobe so working this blouse in a knit was an appealing idea.
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A Valentine's Special and #thelittlereddressproject

A while ago I came across #thelittlereddressproject, a project tag which lots of sewing bloggers and vloggers have taken up. The aim was to create a red dress for the festive period and share these on December 21st. Unusually I immediately had an idea of what I wanted to make so signed myself up. I didn't quite get it finished for December 21st, but did manage to wear it on Christmas Day. I have to say though I've been even slower in getting it photographed, which is why this post is appearing so much later after the challenge. However, seeing as Valentine's Day is around the corner thought this was still timely!

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Sewing shirts tutorials and workshops

I always have a keen eye out on tips for beginners - I'm only new to dressmaking myself and need a fair amount of help. I know some of you are also just starting out too so here are the most helpful things I've found. If you want a step by step guide with videos to teach you every step you need as a beginner then this month's featured offer could be a good start - the Learn to Sew Your Own Shirt or Shirtdress online class from Tilly and the Buttons. If you use the code WARDROBEBUILDER in February you can get a discount of 15%. This class includes the Rosa shirt pattern and guides you through all the construction details including the fiddly bits like collars and buttonholes.

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the #wardrobebuilder project - Shirts and blouses


Shirts and blouses really are a wardrobe staple for me. They can be formal or casual, worn all year round, and it gives an opportunity to use a huge range of fabrics. Obviously pattern choice makes a big difference in whether a shirt looks best for work or for casual wear but I'm tempted to make the same pattern in two different fabrics to try and achieve two different looks. I wear shirts and blouses a lot for work all through the year and now I'm looking to make something more formal for this part of my wardrobe. I'd like to add to the casual section as well though seeing are so many ways of styling the same pattern, varying fabrics and details. I have a feeling this month I might end up making more than one item for my wardrobe.

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