Nina Lee Mayfair Dress in Art Gallery Jersey

Nina Lee Mayfair Dress in Art Gallery Fabric Jersey

When I find that a project gets worn repeatedly, I do tend to make a few versions. I have two Nina Lee Mayfair dresses already, both made in quite a slinky jersey fabric. As a result, I wear them a lot in summer. They are comfortable due to the fact that they aren't fitted, relying on a belt for shaping and I like the collar feature which looks nice with hair up. It was only a matter of time before I tried different fabrics!

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Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111

Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111

This is not my first K4111 rodeo, and yet, this version is quite different to my previous two and featured another set of alterations. It's one of those things in sewing that even if you are using the same pattern, and same 'type' of fabric (in this case knit or jersey), it doesn't always work in the same way. For me, it's a good things as all my versions look quite different and adds variety to my wardrobe. This was the first dressmaking project I had taken on in quite a while and I enjoyed the creative process around it, part problem solving and part design choice.

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