Knitting needles for socks - which should you pick for your first pair?

Which knitting needles should you use for your first pair of handknit socks?

Which knitting needles should you use for socks? Especially if it's your first time?
Well, the main thing is that you get the correct gauge, but this can alter depending on the type of needle you use. Your speed can also vary with the different types but ultimately it's a matter of preference and what you find easiest. However, finding that that means giving everything a go and if you are looking to get started you probably are also looking for a set of needles to buy as well. So the following is a bit of an overview so that you can decide which type you want to try out first, or next!

PS - there's now a video version of this post over on the YouTube channel, here.

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Simplicity 8292

Simplicity 8292 pattern review

Whenever I go to the Knitting and Stitching Shows I get drawn in by M Rosenberg and Son's stall - there's so much on there that sparks inspiration. This was one of those fabrics (yes, even though it is basically, grey); I immediately knew it would be great for a shift dress for work. It took me a while to decide on a pattern, but this one is a really good one for creating some wardrobe basics.

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Nutkin sweater from Laine Magazine Issue 5, hacked

Nutkin sweater from Laine Magazine Issue 5, hacked to be knit in the round

I came across Laine magazine quite soon after I started knitting and fell in love with this pattern immediately. It took me a while to buy the magazine with this pattern in, but it was the main reason for the purchase to be fair. I was a bit disappointed to find that it was knit in pieces and seamed together (not a fan of purling) but eventually found a way to get round that for most of the sweater.

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