Quilting in quarantine part 4 - Binding

Binding a large quilt

Finally, I have finished free motion quilting and moved to the very last stage of completing the quilt I've been working on in lockdown. I always find the final stages of a project somewhat nerve wracking, especially when it's taken a long time to put together. It doesn't take a lot to detract from weeks of work that I'm quite proud of. Mixed results on this part I feel.....
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Sew your own swimwear - easier than I thought!

Sew your own swimwear

What possessed me to try sewing my own swimwear? Partly, it's because I can never find swimwear that fits. I'm not sure why I thought I had the skills to rectify it, but I did reason with myself that fitting garments from knit fabrics tends to go quite well, and I was looking for something a bit different from my go-to summer dresses, so worth a try. There's a lot that went well with this project, there were some adaptations, and there are a few things that I would do differently next time.

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Je suis.....

Sewing and other stories


Hello again!

After a somewhat extended social media detox, I'm returning with a new name. Those of you who follow on the YouTube channel will know that I moved house (again) and in that time I've had a bit of a break from everything craft and social media based, with all my creative energies going into that instead. However, now that things are getting closer to normal I'm getting back into my crafting habits, which means that my social media is also coming back online too. However, coming back in made me think a bit about what I'm doing. After 6 years of blogging as The Petite Passions, I've realised that things have changed. What started out as a lifestyle blog, with a wider variety of posts, really has narrowed down to my main loves of sewing and knitting. I was never really happy with my previous name, though it did encompass where I started out, writing about my little loves (with a bit of synonym searching, that then became The Petite Passions, also because as a dressmaker, I fall into the 'petite' category of under 5ft 3").  Now my little loves are clearer. All of my previous recipes and posts about being out and about will still stay on the blog (just hit the labels on the right if you fancy a look back through those), and may feature again now and then, but really this blog is full of sewing and knitting! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll see that I'm popping up now as Sewingandotherstories, matching the new website. I'm hoping that anyone searching for this blog can still find it!!!! 

Stay tuned for sewing updates and more stories x

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Bonus project! Quick pencil skirt. McCall's Sewing pattern 7631

McCall's Sewing pattern 7631

When Minerva kindly gave me 2m of suiting fabric for a project, I decided to use it to build up my work wardrobe, making a Tilly and the Buttons Megan dress with contrast sleeves. Luckily there was enough fabric left over to make a skirt as well. The fabric is perfect for work, being substantial enough not to need lining and not creasing either, so I was pretty glad to be able to get another item from the 2m. It's brilliant value too by the way (currently only £3.99 per metre).

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Tilly and the Buttons Love at First Stitch Megan dress with long sleeves

Tilly and the Buttons Love at First Stitch Megan dress with long sleeves

With lots of businesses arranging for people to work from home, there is a distinct lack of smart work wear available to buy lately. I still need it though! (Key worker, front line services, need to look professional). Luckily enough, I can make what I need! Suiting fabric like this poly viscose blend are perfect because they have a good weight to them, don't crease easily and don't need a lot of looking after. I had considered tailored trousers but felt that a dress would be more comfortable in the long run.

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We Are Knitters Stomp Sweater Kit review with knit in the round hack

 We Are Knitters Stomp Sweater Kit review with knit in the round hack

I started knitting with kits from We Are Knitters because I knew that in that one pack, I would have all the right tools for making the project I had selected. They have a range of kits available, ranging in difficulty from the beginner level I had picked to other advanced levels that I liked the look of. I had liked the Stomp Sweater from the moment I first looked at the site and bought it fairly soon after my first kits, but it's taken a while for me to get round to making it. One of the reasons was that I was reticent to knit a garment that was in pieces as I prefer to knit in the round, but now I've figured out how to adapt the pattern and I'm really glad I did!
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Kaste dress from Breaking the Pattern by Named Patterns

Review of the Named Patterns Kaste dress sewing pattern, from the book 'Breaking the Pattern'

I almost chose not to blog this make. It has taken me so long to complete that I wondered if I would be able to talk purposefully enough about it in case anyone else fancied it for themselves. but it is beautifully uncomplicated to wear. Also, I feel that it deserves a bit of attention as the pattern I see mentioned most from this book is the Solina dress (which was also my first stop), and this is an interesting design too, so here we go! I did make a few alterations so this isn't quite true to pattern, but I am happy with the final result (even if it did end up in my wip box for a while!)

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Tilly and the Buttons Freya sweater three ways

Tilly and the Buttons Freya sweater pattern review

I've had a bit of a binge on this one pattern lately, and all in this dark red colour too! It all started with the intention to make a cosy sweater dress. Some bad luck later (more to come on that) I had one sweater and ideas for the other 1.5m length of knit fabric in the stash. I have a definite favourite to wear, mainly because of the fabric, but love all three styles.
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Tilly and the Buttons Ness Skirt

Tilly and the Buttons Ness Skirt

I was lucky enough to be gifted indigo stretch denim by my lovely auntie last year for my birthday. I managed to make the jeans that I originally was looking for fabric for earlier this year, using the Ultimate Trousers pattern . There was a fair bit left over and I have needed a new denim skirt to wear in winter for a while, so I sought out the Ness pattern. There are many, many skirt patterns available, but I particularly liked that this was designed with denim in mind - details like the yoke and topstitching were what I was looking for. I knew as well that as a Tilly and the Buttons pattern, I could rely on it to be straightforward and easy too.

It was  - I love this pattern!

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