Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta

Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta Recipe from the Petite Passions
One of my favourite comfort food recipes, this pasta uses red pesto, which has a more delicate and warming flavour than the normal green kind. (If you prefer green though don't forget to try my homemade version here). There are lots of different pesto varieties on the supermarket, and I usually use a sundried tomato one for this. You can also use any pasta shape you like; if you fancy something more exotic use some trofie as it holds the sauce really well. Like almost everything I post it is quick and easy to make; if you get a kettle on the boil as you get the ingredients together you can have it on the table in less than 20 minutes. This recipe is for two greedy people but can be stretched if you are not as hungry as us.
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Macaron Dress by Colette Patterns

Always going for something far more challenging than I am capable of achieving, I have attempted my first Macaron dress. This is an intermediate level knee length dress with short scalloped sleeves. Darts and pleats shape the bodice and skirt, which also included pockets. The reason I have had a go at something that is described as intermediate rather than beginner is an upcoming wedding. I would love to wear my own handmade dress and the Macaron pattern looks up to the job. This is my first attempt, with success leading onto a second wedding guest creation hopefully.

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Slimmer Meatballs

Slimmer Meatballs

Low in fat and low in carbohydrates this meal is perfect for a midweek meal, especially when you need something hot and filling that doesn't feel like 'diet' food. The effort required to prepare this is also minimal making it a complete winner for me. In order to reduce the fat and carbohydrates and still feel full I use a fair quantity of mince, substituting pork and beef with lean turkey, and serve with a green salad instead of pasta. (Seriously, you don't miss the pasta). One of the secrets to this is the long simmer for the sauce to add depth of flavour. I usually get this in the oven when I get in, then go do a workout and by the time I'm ready so are the meatballs. This feeds two greedy post work out people, but could definitely stretch much further (definitely up to four if you did put pasta with it).

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