#thelittlereddressproject 2017 - By Hand London Alix dress

Last year my little red dress project took a little longer than I had planned, and only appeared on the blog in February! This year I've been a bit more organised and have one ready for the reveal date, although I feel it is a mixed success. This is a perfect example of when everything goes right, but somehow ends up wrong.........

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#sewmystyle 2018 launching!

I've had a few messages asking if I'm continuing the #wardrobebuilder next year. Initially I planned for it to last for one year, and I am going to leave it as a 2017 project because I feel it has come to a natural end. It's been great fun; I've loved finding inspiration from the sewing community, and discovering more about how to make my handmade wardrobe successful. However, it is quite lonely, and I wanted to spend more time in 2018 getting involved on other projects..... and then Jessica Lorraine put out a call for leaders to get involved in the 2018 #sewmystyle. I have found having a monthly project really helpful in focusing my sewing and making it more purposeful, so tossed my hat in the ring to join in .................
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Deer and Doe Belladone dress in Scuba fabric

Deer and Doe Belladone dress in Scuba knit fabric

I am now officially sorted for New Year's Eve (well, what I'm wearing, nowhere booked yet). I have had the Belladone pattern cut out and ready to sew with since June....the only problem was I couldn't find the right fabric for it. Really, I wanted what was on the model on the Deer and Doe website, but haven't found anything close to it. Everything I did find that I thought might have enough structure for the skirt looked like I would be wearing a pair of curtains. That was until I was window shopping in a high end high street retailer, and noticed that a lot of their skater dresses were stretch fabrics....and of course I thought...'I'm not going to buy that, I can make it!'
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Named Sloane Sweatshirt in Atelier Brunette dazzle French terry

Named Sloane Sweatshirt in Atelier Brunette dazzle French terry

This is already my favourite make of this season....it's so comfortable and I've hardly taken it off since it was finished! This fabric is gorgeous and perfectly suited to the Sloane. I knew a while ago I wanted more tops that I could wear in the cold weather, but not necessarily too casual. The Sloane sweatshirt has some shaping through the use of darts, straight set sleeves, along with neck, cuff and hip bands. The pairing of this pattern and fabric has left me with a secretly comfortable top that looks fabulous. You can see how much I love it in these photos!
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the #wardrobebuilder project - Party Dresses

It's the last month of the 2017 #wardrobebuilder project, and I'm super excited about this month's theme. Party dresses are my absolute, most favouritest ever, things to make. I love finding patterns and fabrics for them as well as the making process itself. These are the makes that I like to take time on and try to achieve a polished finish. If I'm going to toile anything it will be one of these!

the #wardrobebuilder project - Party Dresses

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