Named Sloane Sweater from 1m of fabric

Named Sloane Sweater from 1m of fabric

I'll admit, 1 metre of fabric does not give you a whole lot of options. When I bought this I couldn't really stretch to another half metre and had my fingers crossed I could get something out of it. I know for sure that I can get a longline Seamwork Astoria sweater out of 1m, but I have a hundred of these and was hoping I could get something a bit more cosy to wear. The Named Sloane Sweatshirt was top of the list of patterns to start trying to arrange on my little metre. I enjoy wearing my first Atelier Brunette version in the winter because it has a high neck and is fairly close fitting. Unusual features that I like about this pattern are the fact that it has set in sleeves rather than the raglan style usually found in sweatshirts and the french darts that make the sweatshirt steer away from the baggy look. 


I have seen this fabric in lots of colours from online fabric stores - if you google scribble sweatshirt fleece you'll see what I mean! I was drawn to this green version from Fabric Godmother for £16pm mainly because it filled a gap in the wardrobe. When it's cold I turn repeatedly to any garments I have with fleece backing and wanted a bit more variety than the blues and greys that dominate my options. This is perfect because it does have that sweatshirt fleece backing which gives it warmth, but isn't too thick. It's actually very soft as well. I have yet to see how it is affected by multiple wears and washing. My first Atelier Brunette Sloane started off a lot more twinkly than it is now! This fabric feels very similar, and costs about £5 less per metre so feels like a good deal.

Making it

Normally here I would review the pattern, the construction and the instructions that come with it. However, I made this in the exact size and same way as my first one, so it feels a bit odd to repeat everything all over again. (If these are the details you want though, click this link).

In the pattern it does tell you to use ribbing for the neckband and cuffs. I didn't have any to hand and had used the main fabric for this in my previous version so knew it would be ok. (I would like to try one with the proper ribbing one time though...maybe all in black like the sample?). This did present problems for the 1m challenge though.

Ideally, you would have more than 1m for this. I'm luck in that I need a smaller size and, being short, don't need it any longer. To get this out of the 1m I had to be quite creative with my placement. I had to cut out flat, mirroring pieces for the front and back rather than cutting on the fold. I also had to cut the sleeves on the crossgrain instead of usual grainline. I know this isn't the best thing to do, but it seems to have turned out ok, probably due to the knit fabric. I just about had enough for the trimmings and very little left over once it was all cut out.

Named Sloane Sweater from 1m of fabric



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