Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111

Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111

This is not my first K4111 rodeo, and yet, this version is quite different to my previous two and featured another set of alterations. It's one of those things in sewing that even if you are using the same pattern, and same 'type' of fabric (in this case knit or jersey), it doesn't always work in the same way. For me, it's a good things as all my versions look quite different and adds variety to my wardrobe. This was the first dressmaking project I had taken on in quite a while and I enjoyed the creative process around it, part problem solving and part design choice.

Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111 in John Kaldor Suzette


I ordered John Kaldor Textured Suzette Stretch Jersey Fabric from Sew Essential for £7.45 per half metre with the intention of a different project. It is described as a medium weight knitted crepe and I thought it might be a bit thicker and more structured than it was. I ordered 1.5m in Navy and 0.5m in Red, hoping to be able to come up with some kind of colour blocking, either at the yoke, waist, spine or bottom. When it arrived, I loved the subtle crinkle texture effect but realised it was a little too drapey for what I had in mind to start with. After a lot of deliberation, the K4111 was the final candidate and it worked great.

This is a fairly stable knit - it doesn't slip around when cutting or sewing, and once seams are pressed open, they stay that way (even after washing). Long time readers will know that fabrics immediately raise up in my estimation if they don't crease easily or require lots of ironing - this is one of those. Due to the weight of the knit, it also doesn't need lining and is still breathable, so comfortable for dresses. I don't know if I'd use it for anything else than this though....perhaps a Style Arc Estelle Ponte Jacket?

Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111

Pattern and Instructions

If you're looking for a review of this pattern and the instructions for the advertised image, look at my first post here.

I deviated a lot from these, and used my second version and the alterations from that project as my starting point. This meant at the cutting stage, I:

  • reduced the top of the bodice at shoulders by 4cm (this affects the neckline too)
  • didn't use the facing
  • cut two back skirts, on the fold.
    • this time though, I reduced the blue skirt panels by about 8 inches. I then cut red panels using the bottom 10 inches of the skirt pattern piece. These were fixed together so I had one skirt piece to work with, blue at the top and red right the bottom.
When constructing, I stitched the two belt pieces into the side seam instead of creating a long separate belt. I also finished the neckline with a simple turned under hem as the facing wouldn't work now. I made sure to line up the skirt darts to the gathered points on the bodice as well.

Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111

When I was at the almost finished point, just establishing what hem length to go with, I evaluated what I was looking at and concluded that the waist tie looked naff and the sleeves stuck out too much. Both elements were fine on my last version, but clearly the thicker and bouncier fabric in this one didn't lend itself well.
Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111

So, for this version, I have now taken off the waist tie completely. It sits fine without it in this sturdier knit fabric and doesn't look odd (even though it isn't closely fitted and thankfully has a fair amount of comfort ease in there). The gathers and darts add enough shape to make it interesting and hang nicely. I also drafted new sleeves. (one of each down below, original on the right).

Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111

The sleeves on the pattern feature a folded piece that creates a cap effect. I used the original pattern to trace the shape of the sleeve head, but instead of mirroring back, I extended vertically to create more length. 
Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111

I turned under and fixed a hem then pinned the sleeve into the dress using a traditional set in sleeve method. This sleeve head isn't designed to match the entire armhole so I didn't match it all the way. There's a little bit of hand stitching just to stop the bottom ends poking out or being visible. It's still more comfortable than a regular short sleeve would be on this dress and keeps some of that overall design aesthetic. I actually enjoyed these alterations for a change! Even with these, it didn't take ages to make this dress and it's been fairly successful in the end.

Colour block knit dress - Kwik Sew K4111



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