Find Your Fade Shawl

Find Your Fade Shawl pattern review
I've loved the idea of this shawl ever since I came across it - the Find Your Fade Shawl has had quite a high profile in the knitting community so it's hard to resist. After my Boho Blush Shawl I liked the idea of a large wrap for when evenings took a chill and this looked like it would fit the bill. However, who knew that finding a fade was such a time consuming past time? Luckily, knitting the shawl was a much more enjoyable experience!


I do the majority of my buying online, which means that there is a wide range to choose from, but has drawbacks in that you never know how true to life colours are. I toyed with so many fade arrangements, including blues, greens and greys, but eventually set on this pink based fade - mainly because it meant I could use some left overs from other projects. I was very tempted by a La Bien Aimee fade kit, but that yarn is quite expensive and using up what I already had was more appealing - in fact I think it's one of the good points of this pattern. Because of the smaller quantities required at different points there is definitely opportunity to use what's in the stash.

Find Your Fade Shawl pattern reviewHere's the actual yardage of the yarns I used and where they came from (in the order seen here, left to right, darkest to lightest)
  • Black Forest on MCN base from Norah George Yarns 33g
  • Marooned on Rig base from Meadow Yarn 73g
  • Rescue Remedy on Rig base from Meadow Yarn 76g
  • Blush on MCN base from Norah George Yarn 57g
  • Afternoon Tea on Merino Single base from Cosmic Strings 47g
  • Toasted Marshmallow on Sock base from Sherry Iris Designs 34g
  • Linen on Bowland base from Eden Cottage Yarns 16g

Find Your Fade Shawl pattern review

Pattern and Instructions

I bought the pattern in one of Andrea Mowry's annual birthday sales last year, longing for the time that I would be able to make it. The shawl itself is quite large, and is based on a repeating garter and lace pattern. The garter sections are also where the colour melting happens and having this mixture of simple techniques makes it a relaxing knit. I enjoyed knitting this a lot because it wasn't too demanding yet had some interesting elements to break up the garter stitching. I also find Andrea's instructions very clear and easy to follow - as a newbie knitter it's nice how she explains what to be looking for and there are links to anything that might need more detail. If I can follow it, any other beginner could as well!

As it's a shawl I didn't make any alterations and used the suggested needle size - I probably didn't get gauge but I don't think that matters too much! I have definitely found this shawl useful for wrapping up in to keep the chill out and am tempted to make another one in a more neutral colour palette. I do also have my Boho Blush shawl, but I think I prefer the cleaner shape of this one - no tassels and more angular is more in line with my style.

Find Your Fade Shawl pattern review


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