Most worn: DIY slash neck Breton stripe top

Most worn: DIY slash neck Breton stripe top

I wear this all the time - it's one of my favourite tops ever, not just that I've made. It's more of a happy accident than anything though! This neckline suits me more than most others and the fabric not only matches a lot but is really comfortable to wear. Thanks to YouTube, again, it's so easy to do as well.


I bought this striped viscose jersey in John Lewis in their clearance sale for something like £4.50 a metre. I bought 1.5m in total and have left overs....potentially if I make another one I can get away with 1m. It behaves as most viscose jerseys do - slippery to work with but comfortable and drapey to wear. It's light and breathable without being see through or clingy which makes it easy to wear casually.

Pattern and Instructions

This top is mainly based on a video tutorial by Rosabella Angelica on her 'Sewn' YouTube channel.
In it Rosabella guides you through adapting a knit top pattern to create a slash neck, and how to sew it up successfully too. I followed this through, using the Tilly and the Buttons Agnes top as my base pattern. The only adjustment I added in was to add in more ease, taking out the curved waist and cutting straight down for a more flattering look. I used a smaller seam allowance too which gives a little more room all over.
It took about three hours to make, including the adaptations and stripe matching.

So easy! and I wear it all the time! I really recommend checking out the video because you can apply the theory to a pattern you have in your stash, rather than having to purchase a new one.

[I should also say, I tried to make the Sew Over It Edie top from the Work to Weekend eBook, which is designed as a slash neck top. I ended up having to make so many alterations I don't feel I could say it's an Edie top any longer. This one was far more successful].

Most worn: DIY slash neck Breton stripe top


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