Most worn - Longline Seamwork Astoria sweaters

Most worn - Longline Seamwork Astoria sweatersIn 2017 and 2018 I tried a lot of different patterns and really expanded my wardrobe with lots of different types of garments. I really enjoyed developing my skills and exploring different types of patterns that I might not have tried. For 2019, I'm not looking to take part in another challenge, but am looking to make more of the types of garments that I wear most often. I'm looking for clothes that are comfortable and that might also be able to do double duty, at home and at work, for maximum wear....starting off with the Seamwork Astoria.


Whenever I go to the Knitting and Stitching Show I always make a point of visiting M Rosenberg and Son because there are always some very good value finds there. With clever cutting I know I can just about get a top out of one metre so always keep an eye for for a little bit to pick up. This year I bought 1m of this medium weight knit fabric in two different colours for £12 a metre each. This is the same fabric I used for a previous Astoria and I have found it both easy to sew with and easy to wear. 

Most worn - Longline Seamwork Astoria sweaters

Pattern and Instructions

I've talked previously about this pattern in a post about my Tried and Tested favourites. I'm no longer a subscriber to Seamwork magazine, but when I was, this was the first pattern that I downloaded and made. All I have done is insert a 5 panel into the bodice pieces so that it's no longer a cropped length. This is super quick to sew as well because there are only a few pieces - having a hem band means that the only topstitching that you really need to do is for the wrist duffs. You can get away with doing the rest of this purely on an overlocker. I had a bit of a construction line going with these two and it took half a day to get them completed.

Most worn - Longline Seamwork Astoria sweaters

I'm already wearing these a lot this winter, and think they will get a lot of use. Whenever I wear them to work I feel like I'm in secret pyjamas!

Do you have any patterns that you find that you wear a lot?

Another late edit - as I published this I then went and made another! This time I turned the neckband under as the fabric didn't like being sewn at double thickness. It's secured at the shoulders and pressed into place - no topstitching (and it hasn't flipped out as I'm wearing it yet!)

Late per comments below, here is a photo of the large insert that I've stuck in after cutting along the lengthen/shorten line. The front bodice matches this one too.


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