Friday Patterns Sunny dress and top for #sewmystyle2018

Friday Patterns Sunny dress and top for #sewmystyle2018

So it's the reveal day for this month's #sewmystyle 2018 pattern - the Sunny dress and top from Friday patterns. This was such a great project to start of the year's challenge. It was a simple enough pattern to not be too scary, and I love the whole ethos behind Friday patterns...they love to create minimalist patterns that are easy to sew, and they donate 5% of their sales to charity. Oh, and it's a great pattern to have to hand as well by the way!


I managed to source some fabric from this month's project sponsor, Stone Mountain and Daughter. It's a ponte leggero, which is a rayon base, making it super soft but still quite a stable knit. I chose a plum colour - something a bit different for me and as close as I'm going to get to Pantone's colour of the year I think! Dreamy is the only word I have for this fabric. It feels and looks amazing.
Sews great too. If I was paying domestic rather than international shipping, I'd order a ton of this.

Pattern and Instructions

For your download you get the pattern pdf (print at home and copy shop) and instructions. The pattern didn't take too long to put together, and only has a few pieces. You can choose to make a top or dress from the pattern, and it has a scooped neckline and scalloped hem. If you want to add a neckband there is a link to a tutorial on drafting this for yourself. I think I would have preferred to have this included in the pattern, even though the tutorial is really interesting and helpful in building a bit more understanding about knit neckbands. Measurements are also not included in the instructions - you have to get these from the shop website images in order to figure out your size for cutting.

The instructions are clear with diagrams, but I wouldn't recommend it for beginners because the neckband isn't included.  I used my serger for construction, and my regular machine for hemming so it went together quite quickly too.

Friday Patterns Sunny dress pattern review


I was after quite a short tunic to layer and wear with leggings so I took the pattern up quite a bit. I think I took it up too much to be honest....something went a little array with my calculations and it was a bit of a surprise when I put it on. As it is, it's kind of a good thing because I can also wear this as a top too. I did consider cutting it up and keeping it as a top, but it seems to wear okay both ways so I'm keeping my options open! I cut a size medium; it isn't tight but doesn't look as roomy as some of the other finished makes I've seen on the #sewmystyle2018 VIP Facebook page. I think I would grade up around the hips next time if I was to make a dress. I narrowed the arms as well, as the sleeves were a bit too roomy for my preference.

I added a neckband as per the linked tutorial, but it didn't sit brilliantly so I turned it under and sewed it down. I used a twin needle to hem the bottom and cuffs, as I thought it would give a professional finish but it stretched these parts out so again, I wouldn't do this again. 


What I like about this make - the fabric is gorgeous. I love it so much. I think I might also be tempted to raise the neckline for a top.
What I don't like about this make - I took it up too much, and I'm not convinced about the neckline. Now I've made it once, I'd make a much more successful one second time around.
Would I recommend this pattern? Yes - it's a simple quick make. I think it would be interesting to contrast the sleeve and neckband in a different fabric.

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