Camel coloured Burda 6736 Coat

Burda 6736 Coat review by the petite passions

After looking around at lots of patterns for coats I finally settled on the Burda 6736. It has a simple shape that I felt wouldn't be too tricky for my first coat project and would look good with skinny jeans. It really was a simple coat to construct because it also doesn't require a complicated collar......and I loved working with wool for this coat.


I used a camel coloured melton wool from Sew Over It that I had originally bought for a Lola coat. After buying the fabric I didn't think that the pattern was really going to suit me so switched to the Burda. The Lola uses lots of fabric so I had plenty for this project, and enough left over for another one! This one cost about £15 per metre, and I chose this colour based on the pins I have been accumulating on my Pinterest boards! It's the first time I have used wool and it was a more pleasant sewing experience than I was expecting. No overcasting or finishing of seams is required because wool doesn't fray, which speeds things up considerably! It's also quite a stable fabric so cuts and sews well. I used a heavier weight interfacing for the front panels on this project too....thank you to the lovely ladies at John Lewis who helped me out with finding the right one!

Burda 6736 Coat review by the petite passions
To give it a more professional finish opted to line my coat as well. I found a great Barbour lining fabric from Croft Mill for £4.50 per metre. Yes....the lining that is used in Barbour jackets for £4.50. It's a darker brown than the wool and really sturdy even though it's light weight.

Pattern and Instructions

This is the first Burda pattern I've used. The back of the pattern envelope is a lot simpler than most of the other ones I've used and gives you fabric measurements but not finished garment measurements (these are on the pattern itself - kind of). I found it difficult to figure out the correct sizing due to the lack of clear information in the pack (more below!). The pattern comes on standard pattern paper with clear markings .

The instructions come on a double sided page, in three languages. They are not lengthy and detailed, but then again it is not a difficult construction. They do not include lining or inseam pockets (see below). It was quite easy to make the coat according to the instructions so I would recommend it for anyone who wants a simple pattern for their first coat. I left off the buttons and buttonholes in order to see if I really needed them, and think they can stay left off. That also makes it a lot easier!

Burda 6736 Coat review by the petite passions



I cut a size 12/38. The Burda size chart isn't on the envelope, it's online. According to this a size 12 was well within my measurements, but it is also written as a EUR size 38 which is a UK size 12 (even though the packet says US size 12). This coat was definitely too big on me. I took 1.5cm out of the shoulders at the armhole and at the top of the sleeves, and reduced the side seams by another 1.5cm. If I made it again I'm not sure I would I also chopped 6 inches off the bottom of the coat - it was very long! I know I made the longer version but don't think it was meant to be that long!

Burda 6736 Coat review by the petite passions

To line to coat I used the pattern pieces for the sleeves, the back and the front (minus the facing panels). I attached it to the coat at the neckline of the collar and the front facings. It is slipstitched to the bottom hem and sleeve hems.

I also changed the pockets from the pattern. Instead of patterns on the front, I used the in seam pockets from the macaron pattern, and inserted these into the side seams of the coat as I was making the wool layer.


Would I make this pattern again? Probably not. It's quite a big coat and although I can wear it, I prefer a more tailored look.
Would I recommend this pattern? Yes, it's quite good for a beginner to coats.

Burda 6736 Coat review by the petite passions
really not sure about this!
What I like most about the pattern is how easy it is to put together. The fabric itself is lovely...the wool does its job in keeping you warm and I love the Barbour lining!
What I don't like about the pattern is the balance of it - the width of the shoulders and weight of the wool don't suit a short person like me. It needs to be worn with a scarf to look good.


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