#wardrobebuilder skirt 2 - Clemence skirt

My first skirt for this project was a mixed success. I think it turned out really well, but I'm not totally convinced it will be something that I will wear very often (which is the point of the project!). So I've had a look around and come up with a second project - the Clemence skirt from Tilly and the Buttons' book 'Love at First Stitch'. This is a 'no pattern' skirt that you can make just using your measurements, and is quite a quick make. I'm glad I did because I think this skirt will get a lot of regular wear in the summer.


The fabric I used for this project is one I've had in my stash for nearly two years (!). It's an Atelier Brunette cotton ('Chalk Charcoal') that I bought from Maud's Fabric Finds. I bought a lot of fabric in one go with a 20% discount code. Currently this fabric is a little cheaper than it was when I bought it, and you can get hold of it for £11 a metre at Maud's. If you like patterned cottons you should definitely check out this online store. I personally love the geometric styles that are stocked but there is plenty to choose from, including lots of Art Gallery Fabrics.

The fabric itself is easy to work with - definitely one for beginners because it cuts easily and when you press it it does what it is told. Using cotton made this a much faster make than some of my others which was a nice change! I interfaced the waistband for some added strength because it is fairly lightweight. This fabric isn't see through though so doesn't need lining at all.

Love at First Stitch book #wardrobebuilder

Pattern and Instructions

This pattern is one of the seven featured in 'Love at First Stitch' by Tilly Walnes. Consequently it is specifically designed for beginners and focuses on teaching you new skills whilst constructing the garment. This skirt does not really have a pattern included. Instead Tilly guides you through constructing pattern pieces based on your measurements. This skirt is basically 3 large rectangles, with two waistband pieces and an invisible zip. The only pattern pieces included in the pattern envelope are pockets, which are an optional extra.

I chose to include the pockets, having recently included them in my Day Dress and loving them! The instructions that detail how to include these are very clear and the photographs make it easy to follow. Adding pockets for the first time can be tricky as some elements are almost counterintuitive, but these instructions do help. The other key skills that this pattern guides you through are using French seams and gathers. These two skills have their own tutorials that you can use for reference in future - I have used these for creating other garments as I always double check how to French seam!

It's a Tilly and the Buttons product - so it has very clear instructions accompanied by photographs and explanations of sewing terms. These patterns always give you a better understanding of why you are doing things and how to improve your sewing. I would always recommend beginners start with these patterns.

#wardrobebuilder skirt  - no pattern Clemence



I didn't make any alterations to this pattern, but I did accidentally sew the waistband together inside out! If you look carefully you can see that the waistband is actually the reverse of the fabric. Now, I could have unpicked it and sewn it back on properly. But I didn't. Mainly because I was already wearing it by the time I noticed and felt that it wasn't too big a deal.

Tilly and the Buttons Clemence skirt

Final thoughts

Would I make this pattern again? Yes. I'd love to try out a few different fabrics.
Would I recommend it? Yes - Especially if you are looking for a quick and easy project.
This make came about because I wasn't happy with my first skirt project, and I also wanted to use fabric and patterns that I already owned. I was attracted by the non-pattern element of the skirt too.


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