Beatrice Hat in Rowan Sultano Fine

Beatrice Hat in Rowan Sultano Fine

The very first time that I came across Rowan Sultano Fine yarn was at a Knitting and Stitching Show. I was so tempted at the time to buy some because it feels so soft, but it was a little out of my budget so I reluctantly put it aside. Skip forward a couple of years and I was looking at it again and stumbled across a much reduced skein, due to it being discontinued. I have to say, I had planned on this being a Christmas gift, but when it was finished I tried it on for sizing and it suited so well I decided to keep it! It feels amazing to wear and the variation on the rib adds an unusual texture that looks good too. The fact that it's a free pattern and that the yarn was reduced makes it even better. 
(FYI - I did manage a replacement gift of a matching hat and mitts set for the original recipient that suited their colouring better, so didn't feel too bad about keeping it for myself). 
Beatrice Hat in Rowan Sultano Fine


Rowan Sultano Fine is a limited edition version of one of their Chunky blends, Rowan Sultano. It's a luxurious blend of 54% silk, 28% mohair and 18% cashmere. I have to say I was surprised after feeling it to learn it had mohair in it because I didn't think that I liked mohair (and actively avoid projects that use it). However, I do love how this feels. I haven't tried wearing it around the neck yet so that could change and I might have to restrict mohair use to hats only! This 'Fine' version is DK weight and comes in 50g skeins at £30 each. One skein will yield a hat with a folded brim - I had a tiny bit left over and wasn't worried about having to play yarn chicken. 
£30 is out of my budget for one skein, but because it's been discontinued, you can source it at a reduced rate. I paid £9 for mine on eBay (and yes, it was the real deal) and Wool Warehouse had some in stock too. I have the Sangria colour here but would love the Shell colour. I also bought two skeins of the greenish Juniper which I'm hoping to use for a neck item of some kind.

I sometimes wear it with my Lovafur pom pom, which looks good but does have a bit of weight to it which makes it a little more uncomfortable, so is more for aesthetics than anything!

Beatrice Hat in Rowan Sultano Fine


When the yarn was released Rowan also created a hat pattern that would pair well, the Beatrice hat. You can still get this through Ravelry for free. It's worked flat and seamed at the end, and whilst I normally prefer to knit in the round, didn't have any issues with this construction. I'm not sure on the name of the rib variation (maybe mistake rib?) but because it's always a combination of knits and purls, it doesn't matter to me that it's worked flat. I have to say, it's a very brief pattern! But then again, it doesn't need to be detailed because it's quite straightforward and written as one size only. I found it to fit quite well and I would think that with the ribbing, it would adapt to quite a few sizes. I sued the recommended needle sizes and followed the pattern exactly as is.
It felt like it took quite a long time to knit, longer than the Kaare hat which is also a DK weight. It was easy to remember the pattern though so it's one that lets you can do something else like read at the same time. I have to say, with this yarn, the simple pattern ends up looking a lot more difficult than it really is...ideal for gifting if you can bear to part with it!

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