Venezia Shawl Pattern - Joji Locatelli

Joji Locatelli Venezia Shawl Pattern review

This is an excellent pattern for beginners. It only uses one skein and has a simple construction. It's a  little more refined and complicated than a scarf, but not as big as other shawls - more of a shawlette. Personally, I think it's a delicate delicate design and makes for an excellent gift as well.
Joji Locatelli Venezia Shawl Pattern review


I used a 4ply/fingering weight yarn for this project. It is a 'Perfect Sock' blend of 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon from Dandelion and Dogwood. I fell in love with this one off 'Guernsey' colourway when it was released and wound it up straight away. 

Then I never knew what to do with it. It didn't sit well against other colours and I wanted it to be something special, so hadn't used it until now. It was perfect for this one skein project though and I like how you can see all the different colours coming together in the shawl. It hasn't pilled so far, but then it hasn't had much in the way of aggressive use!

Back view of woman wearing diamond shaped shawlette. Handknit


This is the Venezia Shawl pattern by Joji Locatelli, ($5). It is intended to only need one skein of yarn and I think it is perfect for beginners as it doesn't use any complicated stitches. It's a great introduction to increases and decreases if you are working up from knitting and purling.
You start at one corner of the shawl, establishing the lace edging and gradually increasing the centre panel. Once you reach the wide centre point of the diamond shape, it decreases back down again.
I found this pattern very easy to follow, and it has charted as well as knitted instructions. It was a fairly quick knit too. I used the recommended needles (but didn't check gauge - I figured it didn't really matter that much!)

Joji Locatelli Venezia Shawl Pattern review


I love this as a quick knit. I knit this one intending to gift it, but will probably end up making another one for myself. I think a speckled yarn will look particularly good in this pattern. Clearly I think it's good for beginners too!

Joji Locatelli Venezia Shawl Pattern review

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