Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress

Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress

Do you ever buy a fabric just because you love it and then have to think long and hard about what you will actually make with it? This was one of those. I saw this fabric on the Lamazi Fabric Instagram feed and impulse bought 3m, as you do. I must have had a wrap dress somewhere in my mind to have bought this much and eventually decided on the Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress. I bought this pattern years ago but have never got around to making it, until now.


This is a cotton jersey in navy and gold. It costs £17 a metre, but Lamazi Fabrics give you free shipping which I think helps with the cost a little. It's a little stiffer than I was expecting but that does help with sewing it. If you are new to sewing knits, it's not a bad one to start with on that point because it doesn't slip around when you are cutting and sewing it. However, I think that potentially a modal jersey might have been a better option for this particular pattern in hindsight. What I do think this would be good for is lining the hood of the Tilly and the Buttons Stella hoodie (just bought the Stretch book, bit late to the party but there you go).

Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress

Pattern and Instructions

I can only see this as a pdf pattern now on the Sew Over It site (£9), so you might have to look around if you want a print version. In any case, it is the same as the other Sew Over It patterns in that the instruction booklet comes with layplans, glossary, clear instructions and illustrations to assist in making. There are limited pattern pieces with this wrap dress so it has the potential to be a quick make. What does take time is getting the fit right.
You would think this is straightforward with a wrap dress, but it's been tricky for me. I didn't want a dress that was too revealing and I have read that the V is quite deep on this one. [I know you can wear a cami but that kind of spoils the look for me]. I raised the front wrap pieces to compensate for this and adjusted the neckband to match, with the outcome that you can see. Aside from fitting, this dress can be cut and sewn in a day because there really isn't much to it. 
(Thanks to the Sew Over It makers group on Facebook for the tips too!)

Sew Over It Ultimate Wrap Dress


I think I might be refashioning this one.
It's not the fault of the fabric or the pattern really but I'm not in love with how it looks. Is it that the fabric is quite striking and there's a whole lot of it made up this way? or becuase it's too stiff? The pattern was fun to make because it's so quick, but I think something a little more drapey might be more appropriate for this wrap dress.
Plus I think I need to adjust the shoulders because there's a weird thing at the front with the facing creeping out (it is topstitched down at 1cm but I think it's because the bodice is too long for me - not normally an issue with SOI patterns).

So, having made this, I'm thinking, should I refashion it into a top? Not even a wrap top either, but maybe a slash neck top of some kind? The sleeves and back part are fine.
I'm not looking forward to unpicking the topstitching around the back neck, or tackling it, but I haven't worn it yet and don't know when I really would, over the other things I have.

Opinions and suggestions welcome!


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