Cuff down socks for a beginner knitter

Cuff down socks for a beginner knitterAfter my first pair of socks, worked toe up, I decided that my next pair should be cuff down to compare methods and see which I preferred. This pair uses methods from a number of sources and worked out pretty well... to a point that I think that I prefer cuff down to toe up actually!


I used Cosmic Strings Peony Sock Blend Yarn (usually £18.50). It's a blend of 75% superwash merino and 25% nylon and I fell completely in love with the blend of golds, pinks and purples. I enjoyed knitting with this yarn and it feels nice to wear too. I have high hopes for how these hold up! I used a Hiya Hiya 2.5mm needles with a 100cm cord (I bought the needles for two at a time socks,  but thought it best to do one at a time for my first pair of cuff downs). I preferred knitting with these to the Lykke driftwood needles I used for my other socks. The stitches slip a bit more easily and the cord is more flexible too.

Cuff down socks for a beginner knitter


I used a lot of different patterns for these socks! After I found that my bind off was far too tight on the cuffs of my toe up socks I searched around for a stretchy cast on for this pair. Enter Jeny's stretchy cast on...she has a more famous bind off too. This is the clearest video that I found

I used Voolenvine's favourite socks (free) pattern for most of the sock. You can find this on Ravelry along with the other free pattern that I used, which was Hermione's Everyday Socks. I used the second pattern just for the heel flap as I found the instructions to be a little clearer for me as a non-confident knitter. I have to say I was a little worried about the heel turn and gusset parts but they were totally fine. Both patterns were clear, but I was back to Voolenvine for the rest. The only thing I found was that she said to start toe decreases a little earlier than I need to.

Cuff down socks for a beginner knitter

All in all, I think a success has been achieved. These took me two months from start to finish and I have half of my skein left still. I do prefer knitting socks in this way and they do fit better than my first pair. I have a few making tips to take forward to my next pair and am going to give DPNs a go (becuase why not!)

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