Ideas for sewing the Chalk and Notch Fringe dress for #sewmystyle2018

I really have been waiting since the #sewmystyle2018 schedule was launched for this! I love how elegant and easy to wear this pattern looks. There are multiple variations already included in the pattern which gives a lot of design options to play with:

Ideas for sewing the Chalk and Notch Fringe dress for #sewmystyle2018

The Fringe pattern is a woven dress and blouse with two views. View A has a button up front, elbow sleeve and sleeve tab. View B has a pull over, notched front with a cuff. Both views include a blouse length, optional dress pockets, optional front or back waist tie and a shaped hem, gathered skirt. The sleeve/cuffs are interchangeable for both views.

(I've copied the above description directly from their website, where you can purchase the pattern).

Hacks and design ideas

I don't have as many ideas for hacks with this one because you can pair so many of the different features together as it is! The main alterations that I want to try are extending the skirt to create a maxi dress, and swapping the skirt out for the trouser part of the Tilly and the Buttons Marigold pattern to create a jumpsuit. The top of the Fringe dress has darts and waist ties that cinch in the waist, and I think these could also be grafted into the elasticated waist of the Marigold.....

Fabric suggestions

As it happens, Chalk and Notch have already created a post with lots of suggestions! (link here)
This will give you ideas for what is likely to work well (though I'm not sure how recent it is/if those are still in stock/codes working - I assume not). Most of the suppliers listed aren't found in the UK, so I'll concentrate my additions to this end of the Atlantic.

The key feature to look for is DRAPE!

Here are my favourites available from UK suppliers:

To me, rayon is going to be the clear favourite here because of its lightweight drape (but not too lightweight!!!)
I love the range of Art Gallery prints that Lamazi Fabrics carry - they also offer free delivery too!

Speaking of amazing prints and freebies, 1stforFabrics carry a wide range of Lady McElroy fabrics (viscoses and crepes are in there) and will include Gutermann thread too.

Crepes will work well in this pattern, but again the requirement will be for lightweight. A bulky crepe will not be overly flattering.

The Sorrento crepes carried by Fabric Godmother would be perfect as a solid colour block

Double gauze is a fabric I haven't worked with before, and I think it would be perfect for a light and cool version. This Atelier Brunette beauty is from Sew Me Sunshine, who have a lovely range

Like Sew Amazing also has a category of 'drape' in her online fabric store, which includes this tencel chambray

If you have made the Fringe dress or blouse, what did you use? or did you hack it? Tell us below in the comments, or leave a link to where we can see it!


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