Helen's Closet Suki Kimono for #sewmystyle2018

Helen's Closet Suki Kimono for #sewmystyle2018

The Suki Kimono by Helen’s Closet is such a good pattern for creating staple wardrobe items. There is a lot of versatility within this pattern, and I have loved seeing the different versions being created this month as part of #sewmystyle2018. This is a pattern that I really enjoyed to sew – it isn’t too challenging but does have a number of features such as the waist ties and neckband that are unusual and make this handmade robe look different to a high street version.


I used a rayon/viscose fabric that I found in the John Lewis sale – it was reduced heavily and I loved the busy print on it. It’s really soft and perfect for a dressing robe. It presses and sews well so was nice to work with on this project. I chose to use a contrasting fabric for the neckband and waist ties –a plain black viscose from Minerva Crafts.

I have to say I am very tempted to make a short version in a chiffon or georgette to wear out and about in the summer, so watch this space!

Pattern and Instructions

This is the first time I have used a pattern from Helen’s Closet. The pdf comes with an instruction booklet, print at home and copyshop files. The pattern consists of a few basic pieces, with additional elements depending on which version you choose. I left out the inner ties and loops to go for a simpler option. There are also plenty of hack ideas on Helen’s website too if you want to alter the look, or figure out how to make even simpler versions (for example, neckbands that don’t involve corners). The construction is not too tricky - the only really involved part is where the bottom of the neckband joins the body of the robe (and even that isn’t too bad). This is a good pattern for a beginner looking to learn some new techniques such as adding pockets.

The instructions are incredibly thorough and easy to follow. Helen’s diagrams are very clear and show each step in detail so there is little possibility of getting confused. This is also what makes this a good pattern for anyone new to dressmaking.


I didn’t make any alterations to this pattern, and wouldn’t need to if I made another one. Given the nature of this style, fit is quite easy. I would have a look at Helen’s design ideas before making another one, for some variety.


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