Amelie Tuck Blouse by Til The Sun Goes Down

Amelie Tuck Blouse by Til The Sun Goes Down

Til The Sun Goes Down have a huge range of vintage fabrics and patterns in their online store, and they are offering this pairing to one lucky winner. Some are original pieces and others are vintage inspired modern productions....they are all fabulous! Seeing as October is Vintage month on the #wardrobebuilder project, they kindly let me find out what their patterns and fabrics were like for myself with the Amelie Tuck Blouse. This was the perfect project for my #wardrobebuilder garment. It's easy to head straight for a dress when thinking of vintage, but this blouse can work with so many other pieces and has a very feminine style because of its 1930's inspiration.

Amelie Tuck Blouse by Til The Sun Goes Down


The fabric that I used was a cotton silk voile called Sprigs, and costs £18 per metre. It's one of the retro inspired prints that Tile The Sun Goes Down provide and it comes in a few different colourways. The one I used is darker for Autumn and Winter wear, but there are also some options in blue and pink which have a real Spring feel to them. The fabric itself is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear. I used my finest pins and a sharp needle with this fabric because it is quite delicate but the cotton mix helps to make it a little easier to sew with. This weight of fabric works particularly well with the blouse because of all the gentle tucks and gathers that create a delicate, flowing look.

Amelie Tuck Blouse by Til The Sun Goes Down back view

Pattern and Instructions

This is an original pattern by Til The Sun Goes Down, inspired by 1930's styling. It features waist tucks and a shoulder yoke which the bodices gather into. These create the elegant shaping which you can then vary with different sleeve and collar options. The collar can be a standard single point, or a fancy double point; the sleeves can either be gently fluted or you can go for completely sleeveless. I chose sleeves and a single point collar. I love the idea of the double point collar, but I'm not really very adventurous in my wardrobe choices.

Amelie Tuck Blouse by Til The Sun Goes Down, instructions

In the pattern pack you get an instruction booklet and the pattern printed on brown paper that is sturdier than normal pattern paper. The version I made only needs 5 pattern pieces, but it is recommended that you cut them out of a single layer of fabric, rather than on the fold so this takes a little longer. One thing that you do need to remember is to cut some bias strips for the collar - this isn't in the layplans so read the instructions really carefully beforehand if you want to make sure you have enough to use the same fabric for these (see step 7). The pattern pieces themselves have enough markings to guide and are clear. It does take a while to mark all the tuck points for the front and back, but they are then evenly spaced when you make it.

 The instructions are clear and have some diagrams to assist too (which I really needed to understand the pleated sleeves). They are easier to follow than commercial pattern instructions and some explanations with them so you can understand why you are doing what you are doing.


I didn't really alter the pattern at all. I cut a size 10 based on my measurements (also my UK high street size) and it fits perfectly. This is not always the case for me so if you tend to get on well with commercial sizing do have a look at the finished pattern measurements before you cut. I like the length of the blouse and the sleeves so TTSGD sizing is a winner for me! The only alteration I made was to use fewer buttons than the 11 that are recommended. I identified the bust point and waist point, then marked buttons at equal intervals between these. I really love these buttons that I found in my local craft store because they pick out the warm tones of the blouse. You can pick up vintage buttons on the TTSGD website too though if you are really trying to embrace the vintage styling.

Amelie Tuck Blouse by Til The Sun Goes Down front view


This is a really pretty blouse that you could wear for work or out for lunch. I like the feminine details like the gathers and the tucks at the waistline. They help to create a flattering silhouette that I usually need to go and grab a belt for, and usually only attain in dresses. Making the blouse in the Sprigs fabric also helps give it a floaty air, with an added bonus of comfort because the fabric is so soft.

Would I make this pattern again? Yes. I'd like to try it in a georgette fabric.
Would I recommend this pattern? Yes. You do need to use French seams, gathers and tucks to make it, so it's not necessarily for beginners. That said, these elements aren't very complicated, so as long as you are able to look up these techniques it shouldn't be a problem. I wouldn't say it's any more difficult than the Mimi blouse.

I was lucky enough to be sent the pattern and fabric so you could all see what it's like made up. This is what you will be sent if you win this month's giveaway so don't miss out (details here). It's also my make for this month's link up. Have you used any other 'Now and Then' patterns? Tell us what you think, or even better, add what you made to the link up here.

Amelie Tuck Blouse by Til The Sun Goes Down pattern review


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