Alex Shirt from Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break eBook

Alex Shirt from Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break eBook

As you all know I'm a Sew Over It addict. Last year I bought the My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break eBook and have made a Molly top, a Molly dress and a pair of Mia jeans. I did want to make an Alex shirt for my February #wardrobebuilder, but never was able to get around to it then, but had a lovely weekend of sewing that meant I could really get on with this long awaited project. This is also a toile of sorts as I'm hoping to make a shirt dress for April's #wardrobebuilder too.

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break eBook


I saw this dragonfly viscose crepe online some time ago. It kind of registered at the time but I was looking for other projects, When I thought about it again it had disappeared from the store that I saw it on. Luckily though, after having researched a little on the internet, I found it in stock at White Lodge Fabrics. Very luckily in fact because it is almost half the price here at £6.99 per metre. This same fabric is definitely available at other retailers for more, so I think this is a bargain. Although the eBook says you need 2.3m, I went with 2 because I was leaving off the pocket and because I always get left with remnants. 2m was fine. The delivery was super fast too so I will keep them in my watch list.

Alex Shirt from Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break eBook Pattern review

The fabric itself has an interesting texture (ironed and no-ironed are two different worlds) and has lots of drape. It is slightly sheer so needs a top underneath it. It cut, sewed and ironed very well. I used this fabric to see how well sheers hold up to this pattern and I'm pretty pleased with how it worked for construction and for wear.

Pattern and Instructions

This pattern is one of 5 featured in the eBook. It is a relaxed fit casual shirt that can also be made as a shirt dress. When you purchase the eBook you can then download the pattern pdfs (which include layplans) as well as sizing guides and the eBook itself which contains all the instructions. The pattern pieces are minimal (for a shirt), and do not require interfacing (yay!) but you do need to carefully transfer all the markings. They are important in making sure everything looks correct.

Sew Over It Alex Shirt eBook

The eBook is full of lots of lovely colour photographs, both for inspiration and for instruction. There are fabric suggestions to give you an idea of what will work well and very clear steps to help with the construction. Finally, there is also a video on the Sew Over It blog which helps to make sense of one of the trickier, or more unfamiliar, elements.

Sew Over It shirt yoke tutorial

I didn't encounter any problems at all in constructing this shirt. Both the pattern and instructions are designed to help you to be successful and I really enjoyed this seam ripper for a change! I did think that the button tabs might be difficult, but they really weren't at all. I was also initially scared of the buttonholes (especially with it being a sheerer fabric with no interfacing), but they turned out fine too.

Button holes sheer fabric


Alex can be made as a shirt or a shirt dress. I made a shirt in a size 10, which matched my measurements. I left off the patch pocket because I didn't fancy it for this shirt. Apart from that I didn't make any alterations this time around, but probably will next time.

This is meant to be a loose fitting shirt, but for me I think it is a little too loose. I hate this picture but this is the full length shirt and sleeves (cuffs are turned up as per pattern intends).

Alex Shirt from Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break eBook
I don't find this particularly flattering because it is so loose fitting (though I do love the way hem curves!). My normal silhouette is a little more tucked in at the waist so I have tended to tuck this in. I would probably make this in a smaller size next time. I wasn't sure of the shoulders needed narrowing at first, but the pictures in the eBook do show the shoulders to be quite relaxed so I have left these alone this time. The sleeves are also really long and baggy. I didn't alter them for this shirt, but if I was making again I would definitely move the tabs up higher.


Sew Over It Alex shirt pattern review

What I really like about this make: I love the fabric. I think it's a really pretty print in a soft palette. I also like the relaxed fit of this shirt which means it can double for work and casual wear. It is also a good start to making shirts because of this relaxed fit so I would recommend this pattern to beginners looking to make their first one. Not having to interface, make a collar stand or cuffs makes the construction much simpler, which I loved.

What I don't like about this make: The fit is too relaxed for me. I shall be sizing down yet again next time.

The next Alex you see here will (hopefully) be a fabulous chiffon crepe shirt dress!


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