Favourite tips for sewing knit fabrics for beginners

Hello everyone. I'm right in the middle of my January #wardrobebuilder project...all cut out and getting ready to sew this weekend. I've seen some speedy seamstresses are already adding their makes to the link up, but thought I'd share something for anyone yet to start their first knit project. I've met a few people who are put off by working with knit fabrics as they aren't sure what to do with them or think you have to have an overlocker - the same was true for me. However, help is on hand on the internet. Here is what I have found really useful as a beginner.

Sew Essential have recently posted this handy video on attaching a neckband to a jersey top...this took me ages first time around!

Seamwork magazine has an online post which talks you through sewing with knit fabrics on a regular sewing machine. There are also some helpful tips on using a twin needle on the Colette blog too.

Tilly and the Buttons also has a post with tips for sewing knit fabrics on regular machines here.

If you like the look of this and want more Tilly also has an online class all about learning to sew knit fabrics on a regular sewing machine. This review post will give you an idea of what the class is like and what you can get out of it.

And finally, a special request post that Melanie Sews  has just added. This one is all about using an overlocker to sew knit fabrics...my new learning curve!

What have you found helpful for learning to sew with knit fabrics online?

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