Pondering 2017

You might have noticed that the last month has been a little bare on this blog. The truth is I'm not too sure what to write. I have photos ready to go from things I have sewn or cooked, and plenty of ideas in general. All I need to do is write a few words and post to keep with my weekly schedule. The thing is I'm debating whether or not to focus on just dressmaking, or to continue to include other areas too.

I started blogging around the same time as dressmaking, and included these experiences within my lifestyle blog as it was becoming a larger part of my lifestyle. As you can see, there are other things that interest me and that I enjoy writing about, but sewing features somewhat more heavily.  I have found it easier to become a part of the seamstress social networks. These are the groups that I tend to check in on most frequently, and share posts with too. In addition to my own preferences, the most popular posts on this blog are nearly all sewing related. Therefore it makes sense to focus more exclusively on this topic....to post more often about the things that readers appear to enjoy and create a clearer identity as a sewing blog rather than a lifestyle blog. Some of the most exciting parts of blogging that I've been part of have been because of sewing posts.


Cooking, eating out and keeping fit are also somewhat sizeable areas of my life too. I enjoy doing these things and some of these posts are quite popular as well. I'm open to the fact that maybe photography or publicity might need some work in these areas, and this might affect views too. I know I'm not good at publicising posts, and I haven't quite found the best way of sharing or photographing recipes. They are good recipes though....

So that's where I'm at folks. I'm off to write two posts now - one sewing related and one food/fitness related. We'll see if both of them make it to the blog. If you want to, throw your opinions in the comments. I'm grateful for them!

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