Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook; Molly top and dress

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook; Molly top and dress

I have recently realised that I have made a number of pretty dresses that I don't wear very often. I love making them, but think I should direct my sewing efforts to more day to day items. So this autumn I pledged to myself to make no dresses, only casual wardrobe and work items. Then I tuned in to the Sew Over It vlog and saw the launch of the My Capsule Wardrobe; City Break ebook, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist it for long. I didn't. In fact my resistance threshold must have been pretty low that day because I then added a whole bunch of fabric to my basket - enough to make a top, dress, jeans and coat in fact. However, all this is totally wearable everyday right? So fits with my autumn pledge. I plan on having a go at all the patterns in the eBook, but have started out with the Molly top and dress (I know I just said no dresses, this is different though....)

First, the ebook: My Capsule Wardrobe; City Break

This book is available digitally and is intended to help you create an ideal capsule wardrobe for a city break. Obviously you don't have to be going on a city break and these designs are all good casual weekend staples, but the idea of city break does add a certain romance to the planning. Each pattern compliments the others and is versatile enough to be adapted to create a variety of looks for different occasions. Though casual in essence some of these can be dressed up through different variations and fabric choices - I love the silk shirt dress that is pictured in the ebook.

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook; Alex shirt and dres

When you purchase through the online store you are able to download a lot of files; the book, a fitting guide and each individual pattern. There are 5 pdf patterns included in the download: a knit top/dress, jeans, a waterfall coat, a shirt/shirtdress and a button up skirt. 4 of these patterns also have more than one variation so there is quite a lot of variety that you can have out of the £20 spend (she said, convincing herself into the buy).

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook review

The instructions are all featured within one ebook, which includes fitting tips, supplies needed and sizing charts. You get additional sizing charts (but seeing as these are already in the ebook I'm not sure why). The pattern sheets contain the lay plans. There are lots of photographs of finished projects in the ebook so there's plenty of inspiration. I particularly like how there are photographs of fabric suggestions with each project too. (All available from the Sew Over It fabric store; hence my massive stash spree).

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook; fabric suggestions

The instructions themselves are clear with lots of photographs. They aren't overly detailed as the patterns are quite straightforward in the main. This book can definitely be taken on by someone fairly new to sewing (you would need to have made something with knits first though). There are three video tutorials on the blog for some of the trickier elements of the shirt and jeans too.

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook; Molly top

The Molly top...

Molly is a jersey top with a curved hem and gentle round neckline. The sleeves are part grown on and part sleeve (basically, there is no having to attach a sleeve head at a shoulder). The body of the top is quite long which means it tucks in well, and has a casual look when left out. The variation for this pattern is the Molly dress where the body is extended and the hemline is straightened out. I think you could also make a short sleeve version by leaving off the sleeves and hemming the openings of the grown on sleeves. There are only four pattern pieces to the top or dress (once the pdf has been printed and assembled).

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook; Molly top and Mia jeans

I decided I was going to have a go at both the top and the dress. For the top I chose a viscose jersey in a navy and ivory stripe (£6 per half metre). I have been looking to make a classic Breton stripe top for a while and this looked like an ideal project (I mean, they had the fabric right there on the website, how much easier could it be). It's described as being supersoft (it is) and a little sheer (it is). I ordered the amount the book said was needed for my size 10, but was a little creative with my laying out so ended up with quite a lot left over (enough for a t shirt at least).

I have to say I did have a little moment of thinking 'why did I choose stripes?' when it came to cutting out the pattern and trying to get the lines to, theoretically, match up. This did mean that cutting out took quite a while. And pinning too.

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook; Molly top

When it comes to putting this top together it is amazing how easy this is. Even the neckband was relatively hassle free. All told I spent half a day on this top, and didn't need to make any alterations at all. The fabric is a little sheer - I've been wearing it with a vest underneath and you can't see the vest, but might notice if it wasn't there. Either way it is very comfortable.

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook; Molly dress

...and dress

The other half of the day was spent on the Molly dress. For this I had ordered a heavier jersey in a grey and ivory stripe for £6 per half metre (basically the grey version of the black and white used in the ebook). It's the first time I've used a jersey like this and I'm sold (so easy to cut and sew). The Molly dress pattern is basically the same as the top with elongated bodice pieces. Straight off the back of making the top, this dress went together even more quickly. I did need to take a good cm out of each of the side seams at the waist as it was way too big from the chest down. I tried the dress on inside out and pinned where I wanted it to sit at the waist (not too tight!) and when I had it back on the sewing table, traced a curve from the bust to this point and out again to the hips. This has left the hips a little pouffy (probably because I was cutting corners with this alteration), so if I make this again I will need to consider this a bit more carefully. 

The Molly dress is really comfortable and has become a staple of my autumn wardrobe. I thoroughly recommend it.

Sew Over It My Capsule Wardrobe City Break eBook; Molly dress pattern

Next up from this ebook will be the Mia jeans, and maybe a waterfall wool coat (not entirely sure this is going to suit me though). Wish me luck (have you noticed a distinct lack of trousers on this blog so far?)...I'll keep you posted on how the jeans turn out.

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