5 satisfying dinners for a busy working week

5 satisfying dinners for a busy working week

I love to cook but there are some days when I don’t have the time or energy….you know those weeks where work is crazy busy? When I come home zapped from an intense day I want a meal that is very low labour – minimum time at the stove, and as little washing up as possible. These are usually the days when I also want something more substantial, with lots of taste, but not saying goodbye to all my healthy eating principles either. For me, Mediterranean style works, so get ready for a lot of tomato based foods. These are my top go to recipes for quick, easy and satisfying dinners.

This dish is fabulous. It takes less than 5 minutes to get going, and then it takes care of itself in the oven whilst I sort myself out from work. By the time it’s ready I’m a lot more relaxed and it always hits the spot. Switching out normal sausages for lower fat alternatives (Weight Watchers, turkey or Heck’s chicken sausages) means it’s not going to interfere with my calorie count for the day. This really is enough on its own; sometimes a crusty roll is good for mopping up juices but that’s about all you need I think.

 Creamy Chicken Pesto Pasta Recipe from the Petite Passions

 This takes so little time and is always a winner. When it’s cold and you feel like you haven’t seen daylight in weeks this is the one to go for.

oven cooked tomato and pancetta risotto

Another start on the stove and leave in the oven special. Timings and how much water the rice needs vary on this one depending on the type of rice you use but even with a bit of tweaks it always comes out well in the end.

This is one for when you have a really rumbly tummy and you want food that feels like a big hug. The gnocchi is full of potato comfort, and the pesto has some serious flavour. Cooking the two in this way works so well.

 Slimmer Meatballs

Another one that takes 5 minutes to get started then takes care of itself in the oven. Again switching beef mince for turkey makes a big difference. If you really want to carb up then you can add some pasta – I find these are enough with simply dressed salad leaves.

What kind of food do you go for when you have a busy week? Do you have a killer recipe to share?

I've found my 5 satisfying dinners for a busy working week from @petitepassions #fdbloggers #lbloggers #food

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