the #wardrobebuilder project

The #wardrobebuilder project ran throughout 2017, with 12 themed months and link ups where seamstresses shared their creations. If you look under the label #wardrobebuilder on the right, you can find hundreds of inspiring makes for all sorts of garments.

What is the #wardrobebuilder project?

Each month will feature one wardrobe essential. They have been chosen to be broad categories, yet seasonal, and over the year should create a balance of items that can be for worn for occasions, for work or as casual wear. Everyone is invited to add ideas, makes and links that focus on this type of garment.

You do not need to make a specific pattern, and it does not need to be exclusive. If you have made a vintage dress for a different challenge that you think is a great wardrobe builder then link it up! If it's one you made last year that was a real winner then we'd love to see it - and maybe copy it too. You can add more than one each month if you like, or add a round up post if it's focused on the monthly theme. There is a dedicated Pinterest board where you can share your make, add inspiration for others or follow to get some ideas and see what everyone else is up to.

Tutorials are welcome too! If you have created a post with tips that are relevant to the monthly wardrobe essential then add it to the link up to help the rest of us that month with our makes.

How to get involved

Building a balanced wardrobe and sharing successful makes is the point so you can:
  • Subscribe to posts via the newsletter or follow on social media to be reminded of each month's wardrobe essential and keep up with everyone else's makes.
  • Add a link to a blog post about your make in the monthly link up.
  • Add your own makes to the Pinterest board. To do this you need to follow the board and then request permission to Pin by sending me either your Pinterest user name or full email address (via email or comments below)
  • Post an image of your make or post on Instagram, Twitter or Pinterest with the hashtag #wardrobebuilder.
  • Send me your photos and I'll upload them for you.
  • Tell others about it! Copy the image above (or email me for a smaller one if 300px is too large) and add it to your blog's sidebar, share the monthly posts or Pin the calendar above.

You'll find all the link ups and any other related project posts under the #wardrobebuilder label on the right.


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the #wardrobebuilder project

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