Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

Today is a day full of ends and beginnings - the end of summer and of my honeymoon break. The start of autumn and a new phase at work too. It would be very easy to be quite sad about the end of such a wonderful summer but I like to look on the positive side of life so here are the 5 things I am looking forward to about Autumn.

1. Weather. Us Brits love talking about the weather, mainly because it's so unpredictable. I am going to enjoy making plans that expect poor weather, rather than summer events that leave us praying for the sun to hold. I'm also looking forward to curling up with a book on a Sunday when it is lashing with rain, and enjoying a long hot bath.

2. Food. Still holding on to some salads and fresh flavours as we start autumn, I am looking forward to warming and spiced foods again. I'm talking soups, stews and classic British dishes. I love the autumnal spices that creep into foods, and will be saying hello again to potatoes! I am also going to try some smoky twists on food for bonfire night. Expect to see new recipes coming soon.

3. Fashion. I much prefer my autumn wardrobe to my summer one. It's so much more flattering to my body shape and comfortable. I can't wait to get out my skirts, boots and gilets for layered looks. I'm also looking forward to seeing how my summer makeup transfers to autumn looks (I am slightly in love with my Clarins eyeshadow compact and keen to prove it was a worthwhile investment!)

4. Enjoying the outdoors.  Summer isn't the only time that we can enjoy the outdoors. In autumn I am looking forward to walking and running in the crisp cool air. I really love autumn mornings when the mist is clearing and seeing the rich bronzed colours that slowly appear everywhere.

5. Events. Autumn this year has lots of nicely spaced out events to keep it moving. The regulars of Halloween and Bonfire Night will definitely be highlights, especially as my nephews are at adorable ages where they are beginning to enjoy these. I am also super lucky and have two weddings plus a lunch on the Orient Express to look forward to. Lots of time with friends, family and fun ahead. Bring it on!


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